Who is your favourite defunct CFL Team?

Gotta go with the Rough Riders, since the Schooners technically never existed.

The Birmingham Barracudas had a cool colour scheme.

The Renegades was actually a pretty cool idea, even though they routinely get a bad rap.

The Concordes and the Gold Miners were probably the lamest, imo.


Easily, the Toronto Argonauts.

Long tradition of football.
Most Grey Cup championships won at the time of their demise.
Passionate fan base up to the start of the 21st century.

I wish they were still around.

Oh, did you mean already defunct teams? I thought I could extrapolate into the future. :wink:

That's actually a good point. I never saw the Rough Riders do well, but I guess knowing they've had periods of success is enough to give them a bit of a pass.

Because measured head to head, it's not as though I got more enjoyment or pride out of the Rough Riders. When I began to follow the Rough riders, they were in the middle of stripping away their own identity, no less, with constant logo and colour changes. Yet I retain a certain fondness for them that I can't say I feel for the Renegades.

Do the Atlantic Schooners count?

Rough Riders and Stallions as the favs with the Mad Dogs and Posse as the absolute worst.

The Sarnia Imperials but that was pre CFL era. They do have two Grey Cups to their credit.

Did you read the original post?
The answer is there.

I do not count the Stallions as defunct because they moved to Montreal.

When the Ottawa RR folded , I was heart broken.

Glad that whole US expansion division folded in 95. Biggest mistake the CFL ever made.

Ottawa Rough Riders

Me thinks I'll hold on to the Argo stuff I have just in case Braley is able to come through with his plan. :wink:

Vancouver millionaires :thup:

And the "Longest Living Pipe Dream Without Ever Becoming A Reality And Showing No Signs Of Changing Anytime Soon" award goes to the Atlantic Schooners.

41 years (or thereabouts) and counting. Still no firm ownership or stadium plan.

Just there is so misunderstanding, for the Americans ( CFL Steve and others ) please do not take offence at what I stated.
With the exception of Baltimore , it was a bomb.
Should never have a league with 2 sets of rules. The US teams were not subject to the quota because of US labor laws.

BTW, anyone remember the guy in 94 Vegas who tried to sing O'Canada ?
Came across more like O'Christmas Tree.
It is on youtube for those who forget or never seen it before. ( O'Canada in Las Vegas )

Curious your disdain for the Gold Miners.
As I remember it they were one of if not the only US team that was in it for all the right reasons. Great owner that was willing and able to spend dough, a terrific QB in David Archer that I remember seeing in the stands at a Grey Cup in Calgary watching with the rest of us. He even did colour on the broadcasts eventually. A bunch of other solid players that ended up getting spread throughout the league when the league shut down the experiment. If I recall they even sent a video to their season ticket purchasers explaining the rule differences. Colour scheme and name that made sense for the area. I still have a cap in terrific shape I wear on occasion.
Sure Speros in Baltimore gets credit for the most successful but I still see him as an opportunist rather than a guy that totally believed in the product.
And as for Birmingham wasn't the famous quote from their coach (owner?) " now if we can just change the size of field, number of men and go to four downs we would be playing real football." I did like their jerseys though and am still trying to locate one.
I have Sacramento, Baltimore, Memphis, Shreveport and Vegas gear but no Birmingham or San Antonio.

Baltimore without a doubt.

isn't asking what a persons favorite defunct team like asking what a persons favorite type of pain is????

Fair points. Nice collection.

I got the idea for the threat, looking at the old helmets http://www.nationalchamps.net/Helmet_Project/

The moved to San Antonio, changed names and, imo, improved the helmet.

Man, looking at those again, they all seem a little dated. Vegas is the only one I could really see being used today.

And yeah, as CFR mentioned, those 90's Rider helmets were downright ridiculous. When I declared them my favourite, it was definitely with this look in mind.

Hahaha, that's ridiculous. I don't think he'd ever heard the song, before. He probably thought he was going to the USA anthem, and had to wing it at the last minute. Someone gave him the words and the sheet music, or something.

Here's the full song.


And, here's a snippet of only the last few bars, but it capture's the announcer's reaction. :smiley:



My pain is way back in 1968 when Ottawa won the Grey Cup over Calgary 27-24 :cry:
Cheers FYB :wink:

The best helmet site is mghelmets.com
Larger and more accurate than Helmet Project.