Who is your favorite player ever.

I remember thinking this guy was old.lol... Now I'm older than him when he retired.. Anyways, because of his grit and determination , he is my favorite player that has ever played. He was only 5 foot something, but as sacrificed his body for every catch. He was like Jason Claremont, but I actually met Jason And he was a complete douchebag ,who hit on my girlfriend right in front of me, so Rick gets the nod...lolhttp://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_House

Warren Moon Such a nice guy to be around and talk too. On the field he was a commander. Big strong QB.
Could have been a receiver or tight end. Worked and studied very hard on other teams approaches.
Great passer and could run. He became the mold for QB's in CFL AND NFL. Once in NFL still came back yearly
to Edmonton events. Hall of fame in CFL and NFL. True winner!!!!! Still on TV today.

Tough but when I was a teenager I used to love watching Garney Henley play even though he played for the TiCats and not my favourite team at the time the Argos. Played 2 ways for some part of his career, great all-around player.

regarding both leagues, Doug Flutie hands down.

Followed my

Barry sanders
Bo Jackson
Mervyn Fernandez

Me too. He was one of the best for sure. Thanks

Eddie Davis
E. A. Sims
Joe Montford
Junior Ah You
Sonny Wade

Grover Covington. He was so popular with Cats fans that there was even a push by many to name the mascot Grover when they were doing a naming contest when the mascot was first being launched.

One my first favs, as a "you" was DE John Baker.

Soon after ... The Ordinary Superstar. Strangely, as I got older I focused less on players and more on teams.


One of the few perks of getting old is I got to see the greatest player in CFL history, Jackie Parker. Always was and always will be my favourite player.

Kenny Ploen ... of course! :smiley:

That's too predictable..haha

My second favourite. :thup:

I've only watched the CFL since 2008, so I've never had the pleasure of watching some of the greats like the ones already mentioned in this topic. As an Als fan, I might be a bit biased, but Anthony Calvillo, John Bowman and Chip Cox are 3 of my favourite players. Also a big fan of Nik Lewis and Darian Durant. I think they're both talented and gritty players, and those are the funnest to watch. :slight_smile:

Tom Wilkinson is mine.

Of current players I like Zac Collaros, Dressler and Fantuz a lot.

Ah yes, recall Jon Baker fondly.

GHT. . .do you remember a game against Hamilton many years ago; due to injury the Cats had to play a backup QB named John Eckman.? At one point in the game he threw an interception which Baker caught and returned for a touchdown.

I was in high school at the time. And lo and behold, one day the week after that game, a teacher of one class was ill, and so a substitute teacher came in, and it was the very same John Eckman. So one kid had the nerve to ask him about that play; he asked "Sir, why didn't you try to tackle Baker?"

Eckman's response, in his southern US drawl, was ". . . well, . . . he's awful big. . ."

Currently I LOVE Reilly, probably the toughest player playing right now. Odell Willis is unreal and his antics are fun to watch. Aaron Grymes one of the best DB's in the league. (All Esks I know lol).

Favorite players all time? Tough question. I haven't been alive very long but I remember watching old games with Warren Moon, Brian Kelly, etc from the 80's (before i was born). Gizmo is up there too with Willie Pless.

NFL current and not too distant past, I love Drew Brees, Patrick Willis, Brian Dawkins (easily my favorite of the bunch) LaDainian Tomlinson, Dez Bryant, Jordy Nelson, Jimmy Graham and Darelle Revis (best Corner in Football)

I've long considered Moon as my favourite player ever, in any league.

For me it's Condredge Holloway. The first winning QB in my Argos life and a tough SOB. I guess I'm also a little bias to the QB position as that is the position I played.

Can't say I do, but I couldn't blame Eckman. BIG JOHN was 6"5" / 260 thirty-five years ago; he was huge for the time.