Who is your choice for H.C.?

Charlie Taffee
Danny Barrett
Greg Marshall
Jacques Chapdelaine

Greg Marshall head coach
Jacques Chapdelaine OC and asst. head coach

These guys seem to be the final four, based on today's Spec article.

Taaffe would be my #1, followed by Greg Marshall (both no nonsense guys).

Garney Henley..... head coach

Joe Zuger ....O Co-ordinator
Ian Sunter ...kicking coach
Dave Fleming ...Special teams coach
Al Brenner ...D Co-ordinator
Am I stuck in the 1960's-72 or what?

Barret might have the righ attitude for hamilton, but looking at a less-than-500 record i don't think he's the guy. Were i in a GM possition that would make me rather skeptical. that being said, from the choices listed i'd pick:

Taffee - HC
Chapdelaine - OC
Marshall - DC

who ever get's the OC job better recognize hamiltons backs and HAND OFF next year, i suppose a stronger line would be key, too.

i would like to see Danny Barret and i dont think that Marshall or Chapdelaine would come to hamilton if not the head coach 8)

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I know the thread may get old by page six, but give it a go. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Charlie Taffee

Ken Peters.............

at least he wont be in the spec anymore