Who is worse Als or Stamps without starting QB??

Als without Calvillo? or Stamps without Hank? Who is the better football team??

...I'm going to say the Als...Maas has CFL experience, Smith really has none....

I say Stamps… we can’t seem to get it together with or without Calvillo!!

The "topic title" says "worse" team, and the first post askes who is the "better" team. I am going to go with who is better off without their starting QB. I think that the Stamps are going to have more success this week with Smith. The stamps offence has just hit their stride with their timing routes and play calling routines. I think that Smith will now slow that momentum that they just created. The play calling will be altered, which will hurt the stamps resurected mojo. But, with the great athletes they have at reciever, with Cope, Rambo, Thelwell and Lewis, they will be key in helping Smith out for the next couple of games. They need to be big time in order for the Stamps to win in BC. With the pressure that the Lion Dline will put on Smith, it will be difficult for the offence to have any groove throughout the game. Bottom line, Calgary has the upper hand on Montreal without their starting QB's, but both teams will loose this week. It's too far to tell what will happen next week.

I think Montreal has the edge. Brady and Maas have CFL experience. Smith doesn't have much, and I don't think Sankey has been in camp long enough to learn anything other than "Vannilla" plays.

I agree with you, but Calgary has better athletes to help the back up's. That is the only factor that gives Calgary the edge.

With the Al’s current depth at QB, I believe the Stamps offense will be worse. I’m sure Reynolds will be seeing the ball a lot more the next couple of games.

Interesting question, and all have made good points. Depends on how you want to look at it.

If you are looking just at the QB, then Montreal has a clear edge in CFL experience with Brady, Maas, and Banks versus Calgary's Smith, Nealy, and Sankey.

But as for the supporting cast, I'd say the Stamps' receiving corps is far superior to Montreal's, and, while it's a bit closer, I'd take Reynolds over Payton (while conceding that Reynolds has a stronger offensive line in front of him).

Good post mad jack.

The Stamps are a better team up and down the roster without considering the QBs.
Brady has had many opportunities to show he is a good QB and has rarely done anything except make one wonder why he is still around.
Maas is at best a mediocre QB, and so far in the last 2 years he has been far from his best.
Akili Smith has the pedigree, and the tools to be a good QB.
I am going to go with inexperience and potential over experience and no potential.
Stamps win this debate....

People seem to have forgotton about the defences here. Calgary with Burris could afford to give up more points against.

With Burris out and Calgary's sloppy defence having given up more points against then any other team ( save the tabbies) I would have to give the edge to montreal as they have given 5.3 points less per game than Calgary.

How about this question whos the best with their third string qb ?