Who is watching through Live Play-by-Play?

I’m still at the office tonight. Gotta stay late. I’ll keep the Live Play-by-Play thingamajingh opened on my computer. Will allow me to evaluate the little beast.

Who else uses that feature tonight? What are your impressions?

where is this live play by play. Can we watch or just listen. I would be ecstatic to watch game tonight

check that last comment. I found the live play by play. It doesn’t describe or display how it will work though, which leads me to an obvious question. How does it work?

I don’t know how it goes on your end, but in here it still says game hasn’t start, though it also says starting time was at 19:00. But I guess the TV show must have started with players presentation and stuff, so kickoff might be later… or the feature may just not work, which wouldn’t REALLY surprise me.

I’ll check back often.

Hey, I just realized my previous explanation made no sense. Game start can’t be delayed by the TV show if the game isn’t on TV, right?

Damn! By clicking everywhere like crazy, I finally found a game on the thingy… ARGOS vs. ALOUETTES for the Eastern division cxhampionship!

I don’t want to spoil your fun if you’re watching this, but the final score is 26-18 for Toronto…

Its a 7 pm start in Calgary
9 in Montreal

lol… The best QB so far is Jeremaine Copeland ! 74 yards, 100% pass completion, 1 TD ! Watch out, he’ll ask for more dough than Burris…

Didnt he have a TD pass for Mtl as well?

He might. Copeland was a QB in college until a no-name called Peyton Manning arrived and stole his job. Puh! I wonder what that Manning guy does today… He probably flips burgers at Wendy’s at minimum wage…

i find it better to stream the play by play from the radio stations that carry the games. The CFL’s play by play page is ok if you don’t have sound, but it’s slow to update.