Who is watching at Tim Horrton's Field for 107th Grey Cup

Just wondering how many fans are expected at Tim Hortons Field tomorrow. Its the next best thing to going to Calgary.

I need to be around the Ticat faithful. We’re gonna cheer them onto victory from here.

Count me in .

I’ll be there with my boy (2ez) watch for us… we will be the two dudes all decked out in black .8) 8)

That’ll make you easy to spot.

I, like the team, will be keeping to my usual routine. Curled up in front of my 49" HD TV with the sound turned off (so I don’t have to listen to inane comments) wearing black (I guess if I showed up at THF in black I might be mistaken for bobo!)

Stand up crowd or lawn chair stand up?

Not sure what you mean with your question, but if helpful I have posted the following from the Ticats website:


I might go if I could be assured of seeing lots of fan reaction shots instead of replays.

Not sure but I think they will be showing the TSN feed only. :frowning: