Who is up for going to Ottawa?

I’m in. Any word on any plans? Tickets?

We need to all head to Ottawa and support this team. They played hard today and deserved a standing ovation after that game. I really didn’t see much weakness. We annihilated BC at all facets of the game. We need to go into Ottawa, our heads up high and play with that intensity and the fans need to go to Ottawa with the same intensity I seen at Tim Hortons field.

Go cats go…we have unfinished business

Absolutely…lets show Ottawa that we support our Ticats.

Just bought my ticket - behind our bench. One of two singles in the section.

Good for you!! Cheer loud!!

I share a season ticket with a friend of a (Ticat fan) friend, but she’s using the ticket for this game.

I’ve sat in section U behind our bench a few times, and while the view isn’t great, it’s a lot of fun. Good mix of Ticat and Redblack fans, and the players get into it as well at times. A little higher up this time (row 13), but should still be fun.

Any word on a get-together before the game?

I would be more than happy to meet up, but I won’t be going to the game.

Purchased 6 tickets behind the Ticats bench during the third quarter on Sunday. Heading up on Saturday and staying in the Byward Market area. It would be great to meet up with other fans.

Are the Ticats running anything like a via rail package ?!

Always better to call the Cats ticket office and ask, rather than trust answers on here, but FWIW, I got an email announcement from my ticket rep saying they aren’t arranging any fan transportation options for the Ottawa game, and have no tickets to sell us.

I got the same email from the Cats, and it included the telephone number of the Ottawa “ticketing department”. If anyone is interested, the number is 1-613-232-6767 Ext 1 (Option 2).

I would imagine you could also get tickets through the Ottawa RedBlacks official website or even the CFL website? On the only occasion that we went to Ottawa we got tickets through the RB website, however, we were across the field from the player’s bench. Probably speaking with a ticket rep would give you a better idea of the seating choices?

Good luck to those going, I’m envious. Give them an “Oskie-Wee-Wee” for us homebodies. Or maybe a “Woo-ooo-ooo”?

Agree about calling to talk to a rep.

Ticket link through the CFL site will eventually get you here:

Seems to be pretty slim pickings.
Edit: I guess there are some blocks of tickets still open on the North side, but South side lower bowl is very slim pickings.

And stubhub only has about 100 tickets on offer right now. I would be surprised if many more get put up for sale, unless the weather forecast turns super ugly.

I settled for North Side tickets. Should be fun.

We will be there.

7 rows back from the Ticats bench.

Not missing this one!

Can’t wait to spend the afternoon in Ottawa around the most hardcore ticat fans around!

Section T or U? I got my seat in U, row 13 this time - was a little late buying it, and only two singles available in the first 20 rows by then. I’ve sat there a few times, as low as 4th row once, and loved it every time.

Dress warm.

(I’ll be wearing the button in my profile picture - as long as I remember to bring it home from the office this time.)

section U.

I purchased our two tickets during half time last game.

Most tickets were bought up during the 3rd quarter, and almost all gone by 4th quarter.


The Senate Tavern on Bank St. is quickly becoming the Tiger-Cats ‘home away from home’ when we travel to Ottawa. If you’re venturing to the 613 for the game, hitting up The Senate on Bank is a MUST before marching to TD Place for kickoff at 1 p.m. [b][b]WHERE:[/b][/b] The Senate on Bank (1159 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3X7) [b][b]WHEN:[/b][/b] 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (kickoff is at 1 p.m.) [b][b]DETAILS:[/b][/b] Enjoy a drink or a bite to eat with other Ticats fans before walking to the stadium (8 minute walk). The Senate starts serving brunch at 9 a.m., with drink service beginning at 11 a.m.
See you there.

I will see you all at the senate lets all bring horns and cowbells for when ottawa has the ball

hoping they dress sinkfield and get him some time on offence if not full time.

Hope Glanville has a plan to get to harris and stop his short passes to sinopoli and Ellingson

Still seats available…