Who is to blame

You can blame Printers, The O-line the D-line the defensive secondary. Whoever you like.
I BLAME THE COACHES. And only the coaches.
They know the team's strengths and weaknesses. Rather than playing into their strengths they play into their weaknesses.
They are a running team so instead of running one of the best backs in the league they go to the pass in the first quarter. instead of gaining 5-8 yards on a 1st down running play they lose 8 on a QB sack.
They fall behind and try to catch up by keeping to the air attack.
Rather than trying to wear down the BC defense with a solid ground attack they give up the ball on two and outs and, in so doing, allow BC to wear down our already weak defense.
People say our defense is pitiful. i don't disagree but the best defense is a strong offence. If we could grind it out on the ground and control the game our defence would not be out on the field for 3/4 of the game.
These coaches are ridiculous and I quite frankly feel sorry for these players who have to put up with them.