Who is this

Guess it Right, You win a 1997 Auto Football


freddie krugger


Someones had a few too many drinks.

someone within the ranks,someone who put he's face, infront of My Pic

Mark Bowden

Judging by the c*m catcher i’ll say Glen Sutor


I think you owe Mike54 an autographed 1997 football.

If you haven't got one, I think I have a couple in my garage! Actually, it has Anthony "he'll never make it in this League" Calvillo, Ozzy, Hitch, Montford etc. on it.



Jessica Simpson (without her make-up)

I’d say Jessie


Mike O’Shea

Tre Smith


none other than the caretaker himself

Colonel Sanders.


You Won[/b]

PM me for your Prize :thup:

1997 Auto football, Donated From: Mark Bowden

What is an auto football?
Does it throw/punt/kick itself?
If it's having a bad day does it drop/fumble itself?

Walter Pick

its a football with mark bowdens autograph.