who Is this year’s gc finalist darkhorse?

Some of these teams may not be “darkhorses? to get to the final any more, but what the hell.

What , no BC or Toronto ?? ;D

I was gonna add bc/tor as another option"…My conscience would’t Let me.

Honestly I wouldn’t see any of those teams being dark horses right now making the final except Montreal and maybe Edmonton (mostly cause I think they’re vastly overrated only winning games against teams with one win). Ottawa is not making the playoffs unless one team utterly collapses, and I see Calgary, Sask, Winnipeg, and Hamilton as easy favourites to make the final.

How do you figure some of these are considered darkhorses??

Montreal has to be the main “maybe they could go all the way?” choice this year. They make mistakes but also have flashes of amazing play.



Agree. They likely get Edmonton at home and then Hamilton who I’m not totally sold on in the playoffs.

Edmonton because I just don’t see Harris having team success against +500 teams. The numbers he puts up and he’s beaten one decent team, Montreal and he’s split that series.

Harris needs to start playing for his team and not his stats before I believe he’s the guy that can lead a team to a championship

If by dark horse you mean the one team that no one in their right mind thought had a chance in hell of even making it into the playoffs but now look like they might be serious contenders to make it to the Grey Cup game, then I’d say it has to be Montreal.

Your dreaming, they will screw it up in true Saskatchwan style. Will probably finish 4th in the West and will graciously lose to Montreal in ESF.

  1. Montreal
  2. Calgary
  3. Edmonton

Well based on the all the power rankings this year I would say the Tiger-Cat are the dark horse. ;D