Who is the worst OC in the CFL?

Time to vote for the worst offensive coordinator in the CFL!

give these stupid polls a rest. If you want to come on and bitch about the guy, fine, but this is just juvenile.


ill go with mike miller right now :stuck_out_tongue:

but... really, im not so sure you can blame miller completely...

calvillo looks old and honestly, he completed 22 passes for 205 yards tonight, threw another interception.. father time is catching up to AC,

blame miller all you want but fact is.. calvillo hasnt looked good at all these first 3 weeks... no, thats not all on miller.. i mean really he's missing open guys, he's over or under throwing guys...

miller can call all the plays he wants but if ac cant get the ball to the guy, not sure why he would get all the blame.

perhaps calvillo just isnt as good as he once was.

honestly, looks like he and the rest of that als offence arent even trying... or if they are.. man, montreal has got more problems then just mike miller.

That's what I'm seeing too. I'm not sure if AC is having a slump or if the combination of losing his OC, age. Also succeeding to Marc Trestman is almost an impossible job, Jamel Richardson is unrecognizable. Something is going to give.

plus AC's on field "theatrics", i dunno, he's done that in the past but it seems to be every game this year.. throws his hands up.. i dunno, he doesnt look good tho. Theres a fine line there with AC, he's 40 years old, never the most mobile.. the oline is being beaten bad, i dunno... maybe i agree calvillo isnt being put in the best position right now.. but part of that is on AC also.