Who is the toughest QB of all time?

Who do you think is the toughest QB you have ever seen play in the CFL?

My vote goes to David Archer. In Sacremento's first year in the league, this guy took a pounding every game but he got up every time he took a hit. I remember one game against the Lions, it seemed he got hit on just about every offensive play, and they were hard hits. He must have been one sore customer after that game, but he hung in there.

below the head, Matt Dunigan.

Certainly Ricky Ray gets props on this one.
I have never seen a guy take the beating he has in his career and I can't even remember him missing a play....

And believe it or not, Dave Dickenson is tough.
Just stupid....
Retire already dude.
But nobody can question his courage out there....

KJ also gets some praise after playing through a significant knee injury last year.

I'll have to give it some thought for some of the "old" guys from years gone by.

Current QB with out a doubt Dave Dickenson, no one has taken the pounding this guy has.
Past QB Matt Dunigan

if taking a hit then missing 6 games is tough, then any boxer who gets KO'd every fight in RD 1 is the toughest of them all.... :roll:

Remember when David Archer attacked another player on the field and rammed him right into a table and they both flew over top of it and Archer began swinging at him like a MMA fighter, then Archer got DQ'ed? Anybody?

Russ Jackson never missed a game in his 12 year career. Ron Lancaster only missed a couple of games in his 19 year career. Ralph ‘Dieter’ Brock only missed one game to injury in 11 seasons.

Back in the old days, players hit harder and dirtier. There were no rules in place to protect the QB.

Jackie Parker. Played both ways, and was an All-Star at both QB and RB.

End of story.

For consideration:

  • Joe Kapp
  • Dave Dickenson
  • Ron Lancaster
  • Doug Flutie
  • Bernie Faloney
  • Matt Dunnigan
  • Tom Wilkinson

Thyrillin yah I remember that he was playing for Edmonton got kicked out mand fingered the home town fans kind of killed his chances at going back to being a CFL commentator after that I loved that guy he was awesome.

Wilky wasn’t all that tough really. He was quite small and would often duck under hits. Hitting him was probably like hitting a bale of hay.

Now Jackson, on the other hand, was one tough customer. He was just about the last guy you’d want to piss off and then meet in a dark alley.

Brock was also very tough, as was the great Bernie Faloney. Even Warren Moon took many vicious hits and always hung in there, though Moon played behind perhaps one of the greatest O-Lines in CFL history. Dunnigan was extremely tough and also rates very highly. Flutie, was a lot like Wilky. He was a great scrambler and could often avoid the Big Hit, so I’m not sure he rates up there with the toughest of the tough.

Jackie Parker (I actually met him once) has to get my vote however. The guy was tough as nails. They just don’t make many like that any more. He could pretty much do it all.

  1. Parker

  2. Jackson

  3. Lancaster

Pre-CFL but modern era: Joe Krol (he’s still around - now that’s tough!).

As I remember it, Brock missed every "big" game throughout his career.

I never saw him play, but I did see footage of Joe Zuger standing on the sidelines with a busted nose, blood streaming down his face. As a kid, that was enough to convince me to seek a career other than pro football.

Dunigan was injured a lot, but he took a lot of hits, and delivered a bunch as well. I remember in his brief time as a Ticat after a touchdown, he walked up to Miles Gorrell and headbutted him; Gorrell, unlike Dunigan, was wearing a helmet at the time.

Great names above. Dunigan was great though, I loved watching this guy play along with the others of course but the word toughness and Dunigan go hand in hand.

actually, Joe Kapp got quite a rep for toughness in both leagues.

I disagree about Ricky Ray, at least this year. I think he is a chicken. At least the last couple of games he has seemed like it to me anyway.


 First game I ever saw in the late 70's was Montreal when it was quarterbacked by Joe Barnes.  How about Tom Clements, wasn't he pretty tough because he was so small?

  What about chuck ealey?


I would give the nod to Russ Jackson. Not only did he have the size he was very athletic and could really move, (he could also pass the ball with a career passing completion average of over 17 yds!)

David Archer, Deiter Brock, Joe Kapp were also pretty big dudes, but I would say Kerry Joseph is the last QB I would want to meet up with in a dark back alley...

Joe Kapp when he moved to the NFL and played his first year for the Minnesota Vikings shouted expletives at the L.A. Rams front four, nicknamed the Fearsome Foursome (Merlin Olsen, Deacon Jones etc.) challenging their manhood. Not many quarterbacks would have the balls to do that.

mike bishop, 6'2'' 230 lbs. rocket arm, mobile, played with a fractured wrist, played with a broken leg, never gets concussions, plays like a hungry beast on the field.