Who is the starting running back????

Does anyone have the inside scoop on who will be starting tailback versus Ottawa? I hope its Robert Edwards, because this is the big break he needs. Called Miss Cleo and she said that he will have a breakout game, but didn't say when. So much for that free reading

Unless I have misread everything in the papers, Eric Lapointe and Robert Edwards will be sharing the running back duties versus Ottawa.

Of course the Don could change his mind.

And let's hope your Miss Cleo was tomorrow's game.

You gotta feel for lapointe he is the perpetual second choice it seems no matter how hard he plays

I Think Lapointe is a great RB and he deserves a starting spot somewhere. When he was in Hamilton he didnt do bad. And he definatly hasnt done bad in Montreal either. He’s a great RB if The Don isnt going to start him then trade him hes gotta be worth something.

knock on him is that he is injury prone but he usually has a good rushing average

Érice lapointe is the first and robert edwards is the second

Okay, I'll bite: Where in God's name is Michael Jenkins, the big off-season free-agent signing? The Als official website has him out with an ear injury, of all things, but how does that keep a running back out of action for three games and counting? No disrespect to Lapointe (who always does well despite getting only about 6-7 touches a game) and Edwards (who impressed in his debut), but I've been looking forward to seeing Jenkins start in the backfield since they announced his signing. And I'm still waiting. What gives?

On a related note, anyone noticed that the Als are actually running the ball LESS this year despite having a deeper, more talented stable of running backs? Used to be that the RB du jour would get at least 10 touches a game. Now he's lucky if he sees the ball more than half-a-dozen times over four quarters. This must change NOW. You want to take some heat off A.C. and open up the deep passing game? Run the frickin football more. With an all-star O-line like ours and talented backs like Lapointe & Edwards carrying the football, it's criminal to be so pass-happy. Particularly when Sylvain Girard is injured, Kwame Cavil is only just back from surgery, and Kerry Watkins drops every other ball thrown his way.

I with D&P on this. The Als should run the ball more often. 7-8 carries a game wont bring us far. We have the best O-line of the league, 3 great RBs, geezz guys, just run 15-20 times, pound the defense, burn them. In the 4th quarter its all going to be easier. The more you run, the more it paid off late in game.

By the way, am I the only one who thinks Calvillo made Watkins his go-to guy? It really seems to me Watkins gets the lion's share of pass attempts, especially when it counts. With the number of balls he drops, it's a big concern.

Here is, in my opinion, the order in which receivers should be considered as a "go-to" guy:

1- Cahoon
2- Vaughn
3- Stala
4- Cavil
5- Girard
6- Landry (Yeah man... before the next guys!)
7- Gilligan
8- Watkins
NEVER - O'Neil Wilson

By the way, anyone noticed Calvillo attempted only two passes to Cavil in the whole game against Edmonton? What's with that?

Take a look at the league stats and you'll notice something remarkable: Watkins is 4th overall in receiving yards and the only Al to crack the Top 5. Crazy, ain't it, with Vaughn and Cahoon in the same offense?

I know A.C. likes to spread the ball around, and Watkins has promise, but Messrs. Cahoon and Vaughn are far more reliable at this point and should be the go-to guys. As for Cavil only receiving two passes, don't forget this is his first game of the entire year -- he had arthroscopic knee surgery in the offseason and didn't even play preseason, if I'm not mistaken. It'll take awhile for his timing to come back.

And I'm not crazy about O'Neil Wilson either. He dropped a sure touchdown pass in the loss to Ottawa, a pass thrown right into his frickin breadbasket. He makes that catch and we're 3-0 instead of 2-1.

Looks like Jenkins is on the way out... The Als want to place him on the practice squad at 500$/week, he is now home in Philadelpia thinking about his futur with the Als.

Here's a link, its in french though.


It was Watkins that dropped that sure pass in the endzone as well as a couple others. AS far as I know wilson hasnt played much it at all. Calvillo tends to go to these marginal receivers early on my guess is to shut them up he gave them their chances and now we should see cahoon our 1000 yard guys getting hte lions share of the passes

sorry mada7, but D&P is right, versus Ottawa Wilson drop an easy TD pass in the endzone. The ball went threw his hands and hit him right in the helmet ! The following drive Ottawa began their comeback.

He decided yesterday to go to the practice squad and wait for his chance, or be pick by another team…

Watching more & more Calvillo play, he only sees Watkins as a damn receiver…which is not good, considering he screwed up big time vs Ottawa on july 1st…and since this looks like Ben’s last year also…

Get the ball to the 5 guys up-there…and distribute it more often, otherwise we won’t have another season breaking record of 4 receivers with 1000 yards each !

My bad but I stil lam not a fan of watkins. Maybe Calvillo sees osmething in him that we dont. If I recall correctly last year Anderson started out rather slow but picked up speed asthe season dragged on so maybe he will be like that. I think that watkins will see less of the ball though once girard is healthy again