who is the riders starting QB this saturday?

does anyone know if Kerry Joseph is healed up and starting this weekend against the ticats?

or is butler getting the start?

if its kerry, i might tryin get some tickets to the game to watch him beatdown the cats, and if they have them at IWS, buy a joseph jersey.

they should go with butler, on a short chain.

From what Danny said yesterday, Butler is starting, and Joseph will be the backup.

ok...saving money then.

Ah come on. . . you don't think it would be funny to see the Cats get beat down by a third stringer?

what about Crandall?

Crandell is out 4-6 with a dislocated elbow.


DG, you could be the first CFL fan in history to buy a 3rd string QB’s jersey and wear it to a game… :wink:

well, I hope the Riders have made the necessary adjustments.. cause you know the Cats have.

Roy Shivers! Is going to do an encore performance to pay back all the loyal rider fans! :lol: Rocky B will be the starter! :lol: