Who is the QB for the Roughriders future?

Well.. I really honestly don't know.

we have Bishop, Bell, Durant, Jyles..

Who will be the future?

I want to vote but honestly I have no idea. Its not going to be Durant there is something that they don't like about him and he has turned into a whiner. Bell maybe, dunno they seem high on him.

who knows? Not Bishop too inconsistent. Last week looked awsome this week to many interceptions couldn't adjust to the game and the way calgary's D was playing. Durant I don't know I think he is gonna get his chance and pooed the bed cause he is going to try to impress everyone and force a bad game. Jyles? I doubt it. Bell I have no Idea one way or the either. I have lost 95% faith that the riders will make it to the grey cup this year I hope im wrong but this self destruct playing is getting bad.

Not sure about long term, Durrant seems too liberal with his opinions and emotions, and i don't think ET really cares for the type of ballplayer (especially QB's) with an over inflated self worth
I will stick with Bish for the season. He will find his groove when we get some veteran receivers back......................
Long term though, maybe none of the above, who knows

I don’t know anymore! I like Bishop but too many mistakes again today. I don’t understand why he runs out of the pocket to pass every play. Takes half the field out of play. Worked last week but this week Calgary had way better coverage, more pressure to contain him. Seemed Calgary D had our offense figured out. Calgary’s D played phenomenal tonight.

Durrant has a lot of promise. I hope he sticks around here. But I think he leaves after this season. The comments made when Bishop was signed were brutal. I think he has a bright future but he seems to think his has achieved all the success already. As well it seems like our powers that be don’t like him for some reason.

Jyles could be a good quarterback but struggles to make good decisions under pressure. Throwing the ball up into coverage. He needs some time and a lot of work.

I have never heard of Dalton Bell until we signed him. Maybe he is.

I do know we need a strong consistent quarterback to be successful. As well as a strong back-up.

Durant is quoted as saying " I'll just have to go where somebody wants me." to a rider fan at the walk through practice yesterday. And in front of other players. I don't like that attitude and neither does the rider mangement according to another forum rider fan who claims to have an inside sorce that he cannot ideintify. That means that Durant probably wants out. Winnipeg would certently look at him once he is a free agent.
That leaves Bishop and the other 2 Qb's. We know just about nothing about Jyles and nothing about the other. My guess is that next years training camp will determine our starting QB.

Unforunatly it isn't Durrant, he isn't young and for some undisclosed reason the staff doesn't want him here. Jyles? Maybe but i doubt it, he has to improve a lot, hes got the potential he just needs to develop it, and fast if he wants to play ball here in any signifigant role. I'd love to say we bring back Rocky but hes to old. This Bell guy sounds like a very good ball player, and to my knowledge he's 26? plenty of time to develope. I saw next year's camp includes him, Dishop, Jyles and 2 others. Hopefully not Freihauff (sp) again. Maybe Chase :wink: , oh how i wish...

Oops i forgot about Tate, besides Bell he's the only other non-tested one!

There will be a log jam at QB for TC next year

Dalton Bell
Jeremy Young
Drew Tate
Ben Mauk (they said he may be back for next TC)

It has got to be Durant.

Durant and Jyles are both 26, this Bell guy they brought in is a year younger than both of them, but is probably quite a bit further behind in his development as he's never played CFL ball.

As much as some people would like it to be Durant, it isn't likely. There must be something they don't like about Durant or he would be getting more chances to play. If management thought he was going to be QB of the future they wouldn't be so hesitant to take out Bishop when he's making terrible mistakes.
It leads me to believe they like this Bell and may have him back up Bishop next year. I think Jyles will have a chance to have something to say about that but Durant will be gone next year.

Casey Printers. Seriously. Durant is probably gone. And Porter is probably the guy in Steeltown, so Printers will either be cut or traded for cap reasons.

If that's the case, where will he go? BC, Edmonton and Calgary are all no-go's. Montreal, but only as a backup to AC, Toronto maybe, Winnipeg maybe. Each of Durant, Printers and Joseph will play for one of Wpg, Tor, and Sask. Take your pick who goes where.

He needs a nurturing environment, and so my bet is ET will get him, re-do his contract to something reasonable, and off we go.

He would have to have a real attitude change to play in Sask.

after yesterdays performance by our team
i can see durant starting the next 3 gmes
we will see if he is first string material and hopefully this will make him stop whining
and let the pieces fall where they may

I say they pick either Durant or Jyles and go with them the next 3 games and see what they can do. Worst case scenario we go back to Bishop for the playoffs.

Perfect......Lets put Durrant in. Durrant, a pocket passer with a sloooow release,who , for some strange reason has decided to hold onto the football like it's a dirty diaper when he's attempting to bootleg upfield. Is he going to fair any better with our injuries to the o-line, without Cates, now without Walker and Grant, or how about our wonderful field position Durrant will be facing throughout the game thanks too our SP teams.( in Calgary we started 8 of 11 drives from the 25......approx. that)........Yup, First vit was Crandell being fed too the wolves, now Bish.....Next in line DD

Durant is not a pure pocket passer, I have no idea as to what you are referring with your diaper comment, and if Durant is a better QB, then the answer is, yes he will fair better despite all the injuries etc. which really have nothing to do with the QB and how he personally plays.

Never said "pure"....
"dirty diaper"...watch Durant run with the ball.....you'll figure it out...

You are right. You didn't say "pureP. But from what I've seen, he is a better runner than Bishop. And we do roll him out regularly when he is in the game. Plus he has proven to be far more adept at running play action than Bishop. As for how he carries the ball, I have not noticed that he has any propensity to fumble. Again, can't say that about Bishop who has fumbleitis.
Honestly, from what I've seen, it is tough to understand what the coaches like about Bishop, and why everyone/anyone is afraid to put Durant in. Simple reality, and I've said it a thousand times now, most, if not all successful starting QBs in this league are playing by year 3. Only in Riderville do we sit and twiddle our thumbs going, "Oh I don't know if he's ready just yet". Given the number of QBs we have developed in the last 50 years (2? if you count Ronny) I am thinking we should consider a new approach....

Durant is not going to be here next year and that's why he's not starting. Why else would they keep Bishop in there when he's playing so poorly.