Who is the most penalized player in the 2023 CFL Season?

They did see it and called it exactly as that!

Unnecessary Roughness is Unnecessary roughness The fine is given based on how unnecessary and rough it was…not whether or not it was flagged
But that is not to say a fine cannot be given if there was no flag, It that one has nothing to do with the other

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If you read past the thread title, he does say he’s looking to find out who some of the dirtiest players are. I’d think that fines are a great way to prove that.


I don’t know if LBers are any more “asked” to be dirty players than say DL.
Many DBs are also famous for being dirty players.

Add in ejections and suspensions and the picture would be clearer too.

Pete Robertson had one fine BUT I believe he was the only guy ejected from the game and suspended for a game as well.

There were a few others ejected from games that were one time fines as well. To me - being chucked out of a game is worse than a fine.

I think that’s generally true. 99% of the time those are high hits that are not intentional. It’s hard enough to tackle but when you get charged for a high hit when the guy ducked that’s just the “protect the players head” going overboard most of the time. Even Rugby made changes to that rule about head hits and if you suddenly change level (duck, slip, trip, or something like that) it is mitigation for a high hit, but the CFL is stuck on “no matter what” still.

When its a maximum fine or an ejection or suspension, to me that is based on player safety, or bad behaviour that is unprofessional - like today in Edmonton or Pete Robertson head butting Zach.

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I don’t think you will ever get a definitive answer. For one not all penalties are designated against a specific player. You sometimes hear “offside-defensive line”. Who gets dinged for an illegal shift? On several occasions the refs also mistake the player the penalty is against and are corrected by the announcers.

For my money the dirtiest player in the league at present by far is Awe. Four fines, numerous dirty hits and at least two stomps on defenceless players lying on the turf.

How about the dirtiest hit of the year? For my money that would be Robertson’s head butt on a defenceless Collaros. He was penalized and suspended one game but curiously not ejected from the game.

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That’s not what I’m saying at all. Of course you can find dirty players at any position. My point is that the nature of an LB’s job (hitting in open field at point of attack, with the camera on the person they’re hitting – the ball-carrier) means we are going to notice dirty or borderline dirty plays from linebackers a lot more often than when it involves most other positions. A left guard, for example, can chop-block a defensive tackle in the trenches but most of us won’t notice it if the referees don’t, because the camera isn’t typically on them.

This is why conversations about the dirtiest players are almost always centred on linebackers and defensive linemen, whose hits are usually captured on screen.

I have some numbers up to & including Friday’s games. I have done my best to fill in players where there is none listed in the PBP.

Players with 10+ penalties
10 Kelly - Tor
10 Flowers-Lloyd - Ham
10 Betts - BC
10 Perkins - BC

100+ penalty yards
149 Edwards-Cooper - BC
121 Moxey - Cgy
118 Addae - Ott
110 Flowers-Lloyd - Ham
107 Betts - BC
100 Rugamba - BC

3+ Misconduct penalties
5 Lestage - Mtl
4 Edwards - Ham
3 Addae - Ott
3 Boyd - Ott
3 Marshall - Ssk
3 Peters - Tor
3 Teuhema - BC

  • Lestage ejected for spitting (Saturday) not included yet

As for dirtiest player, nobody this year really stands out on my mind.
But then I am comparing it to the idiot that was a rider last year.


Hard to beat him.


Yea, one would have to doubly a violent person a nd a psychopath and stupid. Thankfully we do not get all three in one person all that often

Is this a full list? I only see two Lions & I seem to recall 4 of them got a couch celebration fine.

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Even if they did, is that really dirty?
Unsportsmanlike, maybe (debatable). Undisciplined, perhaps. But not dirty in the player safety sense.


Not dirty in the least, in my world it would be a $10 fine & don’t do it again (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). But is this list complete, a fine is a fine after all. Perhaps BTGP omitted fines not directly related to true fouls?


That would be outside play on the field. Just wait though - in addition to the ejection for spitting Lestage took, a bunch of Montreal players who violated the Security Policy yesterday…

No, but its part of the security Policy after the incident in Hamilton a couple years ago to keep players and fans apart.
It would be wise if a coach reviewed that stuff when there is a possibility of their players making a mistake, taking time in warm up to remind player of where they can not go.

…and in the whole thread no one has mentioned Simoni Lawrence yet. Must be a record for the number of posts in a “dirty player” thread without him being thrown in.

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I did not include the celebration fine and should have stated as much.

I don’t think they should’ve been fined, but you’re right, a fine is a fine is a fine.


It seems like he’s been pretty quiet this year. Haven’t heard his name very much.

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Guess there can’t be a lot of Rider posters on this thread. As well he hasn’t done anything over the last few years that could be remotely considered “dirty”.


He hasn’t been near the ball enough this year to warrant any attention, positive or otherwise. :smiling_imp:

(Please no one take this seriously, OK? It’s the open forum and I’m just having fun ahead of the MTL-HAM ESF.)


The part that surprises me is that every spring, the CFL sends maps and descriptions of the places players can not go. And it seems like every year teams don’t just add it to their game notes for away games.

I see the point of it. Unless you are signing autographs or celebrating with your fans - keep players and fans apart. It just saves you from bad things happening that spoil what in the last incident, was a really good game, that ended up overshadowed by a few stupid people…