Who is the most penalized player in the 2023 CFL Season?

Talking about some of the dirtiest players with some friends but can’t seem to find a running tally on who has received penalties this year.

Does anyone have any leads?

It has to be Micah Awe . He is by far the most dirtiest goon like player in the league hands down . No question or doubt about it .


This is what I was arguing but someone was telling me he isn’t that much of a dirty player. In my searches I wasn’t able to find a complete list of penalties taken for each player.

With Beverette close on his heels…


I honestly don’t think that the league keeps track of players penalties on the season .

For those that don’t think that he is that dirty of a player may I present exhibit ‘A’ .
Stampeders' LB Micah Awe receives max fine for fourth high hit of the season - 3DownNation’%20LB%20Micah%20Awe%20receives%20max%20fine%20for,high%20hit%20of%20the%20season&text=Photo%3A%20Larry%20MacDougal%2F3DownNation.,Cole%20Spieker%20in%20Week%2016.


Really? I mean, I’m an Als fan, so I’m hardly objective here, but I haven’t seen him trying to hurt people the way Awe does with those helmet-to-helmet hits.

I maintain that linebackers, by the very nature of their job, are accused of being dirty more frequently. They’re paid to hit and their sins are always caught on camera, because they are tackling the ball-carrier.

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There is a record of players fined each week so you could probably create a running tally with that. I’m pretty sure Awe is on the top of that list.

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AH! Good call.

Just went through it all, here is the tally;

  • SSK Pete Robertson did not receive a fine but was suspended so I added him in here.

That’s fines, not penalties…

Yeah… it is… I don’t think I stated otherwise except in the Excel graph title I made in 2 seconds. Idk what the point of this reply was.

Also, fines are going to best show what I was trying to determine in the first place; The dirtiest player in the CFL.

Im sorry, which reply

The reply where you tell me I’ve collected stats for Fines and not Penalties lol

I know what stats I collected.

Ah ok But fines are irrelevant to the question as to who is the most penalized

They probably don’t count penalties per player because there are so many that reflect on lack of discipline/focus vs playing dirty (offsides, holding, time count, no yards for example). Special teams holding seems like a coin toss from return to return.

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We’ve seen 280 ST penalties through Week 18

15 per week or about 3.75 per game

You could if you want sort through all the game summaries, the info is in there about penalties and the players that took them.

Fines are pretty basically penalties missed on the field.

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I don’t understand what you mean

That’s too much work for me LOL

Kinda figured it might be. :laughing: CFL stats presentation is very unfriendly in all it’s fan facing formats.

Seriously though, I would bet that by number of penalties it would be a lineman for motion or offside and for yardage a DB, because a downfield mistake is usually a big number for yards.

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The league reviews all the game footage during the week for missed calls by officials, like the two fines this week for tourist hits where guys hit someone away from the play that, if an on field official had seen it would have been unnecessary roughness calls.

I know most of Morgans fines were high hits that were not called on the field.