Who is the most important FA this year?

For me it is Tunde Adeleke. Can play all DB positions and that can leave Katsantonis to play safety. Two Canadians playing DB's would be huge for the ratio if it exists next year.


Ja'Gared Davis. The guy dominated all three playoff games, he was probably the MVP of the Montreal game and would have been in the conversation if we won the Cup. The only guy better than him in the league is MAYBE Willie Jefferson, and even then I think they play a different style of edge rusher where Jefferson is getting more pass knockdowns but Davis is the overall better pass rusher/run stopper.


Yeah Adeleke would be one for sure , Kalinic is Important to since does alot of little things right like blocking and can make catches too

My top 3

  1. Dane
  2. Ja'Gared
  3. Tunde

Dane , Acklin and Howsare , Adeleke. Obviously others On list I want back too like Daly and Newton who I've gotten to know well also . Daly no doubt played a huge role In Katsantonis development and Daly posted a story earlier saying he already wants to be back. So clearly Daly wants to play at least 1 more season .

My top 3:

  1. Adeleke
  2. Revenberg
  3. Ciraco

I might put Kalinic 4th, if I heard an explantion of what he was doing on the Grey Cup first down, goal-to-goal, with 20 secs. remaining, play.

This, but I would reverse the order simply because I think Adeleke and Davis will be in higher demand from other teams than Dane. Put another way - only 3, maybe 4 teams are in the market for a starting QB whereas every team would benefit from a Cdn DB and Davis would improve every D-Line, except perhaps Winnipeg.

I put Dane first because he will be the most expensive. $$$

a lot of ex stamps in your lists

  1. JG Davis
  2. Dane Evans
  3. Revenberg
  4. Adeleke
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Van Zeyl
C. Evans
Santos Knox

Hate to tell ya but they're ex Stamps for a reason . Maybe if you had a better organization and facilities , maybe they wouldn't be ex Stamps in the first place . It's not our fault if certain players see a difference between the two and then choose to join the one who offers the best alternatives .

Basically put if your beloved Stamps actually appreciated and acknowledged real talent then maybe these ex Stamps wouldn't be ex Stamps in the first place. Now quit your crying about how and why these players chose to come to a better organization with better facilities and fan support then they ever got in Calgary and go home and get your shine box . In other words move along to the next thing that bothers you that is Stampeder related .