Who is the man? You be the coach.

Who get’s the nod for the opener?

BC: Dickenson or Printers

WPG: Glenn, Wynn or Martin

Sask: Greene or Some Guy working at Walmart

bc dickenson
wpg glenn
sask greene
edm ray
cal burris(how many turnovers should be the question)
east too obvious to list

and who voted for wpg having the best one two punch. give me a break. everyone knows i am a die hard bomber fan but as if we have better qbs than bc edm or even ottawa for that matter. we hold our own against the rest but those three teams definently have the best top two. i know people will likely argue ottawa but i think joseph and banks are solid.

joseph and banks r the most solid 1 2 punch ur gonna see this yr all i can say is bye bye edm bye bye mtl and the argos r gonna fall flat on their faces

Gades…honestly, go do stand-up or something…

Eski-Moses…Leave him alone…He’s smokin our BC “Bumper Crops” We need him to fuel our economy!

…?..I seriously didn’t think they let the inmates at the asylum use anything with sharp corners…such as a keyboard…gadescup you better skedaddle off to the soft toy room before the Day Nurse catches you in her office…

…well, you are right, I am not at the football field right now…not sure what that meant…but thats’ o.k. g-cup…I know you feel closed in and scared right now…

And I got censored for using “boobtube”… :shock:

Where’s D’Amico when you need 'em…don’t tell me he’s shot off to Muskoka already…

…what kind of screwed up maniac are you g-cup?..I realize your Rens are totally awful but don’t let it get to you…

i know what kind of person he is, and the good news is he wont be ere long. just here to do some shit disturbing. he’s no football fan, and he’ll run off when he’s not having anymore fun, or unti he gets burned for the hundredth time.