Who is the League MOP so far

Reilly ?

Mitchell ?

Banks ?


All 3 have been consistency spectacular.

Mitchell has the best win-loss situation, so he’s prolly the favorite.

Reilly exceeds Mitchell in performance but is getting a bit battered by running away from his o-line.

Banks is easily the best non-QB in the rankings.

Sask’s best performer is a defender. Winnipeg is Harris who’s been going spotty last bit of schedule. Mr. Powell in Ottawa, who knows in Toronto or Montreal?

It’s not Johnny Football.

I lean on Mitchell as he seems to keep throwing no matter who he sees running the routes .

He hits them in the hands .

He ran a bit against the Cats too and was successful .

Mitchell is first then Banks unless he is injured long or drops off then Reilly .

If Andrew Harris is healthy I see him as MOP material as well .

He is more an MVP than a MOP at times as he can literally put the team on his back and carry it down field .

Harris is a certain Hall of Famer - but if he possessed breakaway speed he might have gone down as one of the greatest of all-time; mentioned in the same breath as guys like;

Russ Jackson, Flutie, Moon, Calvillo, Stegall, Pitts, Ricky Ray, George Reed, Leo Lewis, Parker, Mike Reilly, etc.

If Reilly stays healthy and continues as he has so far, it him in a walk

Reilly is easily the MOP at this point. Eastern nominee would be Powell. Masoli is too inconsistent but the voters always seem to have this obsession with QBs even when they are not as deserving of the nomination.

He can not literally put the team on his back at all. Ever.
Just no.

Harris (Andrew) is fading out of the MOP picture. He’s gotta put two straight monster games together to get back in - a huge one vs. the Als at home (well over 100 yds rushing, at least 75-90 yds receiving).


There might be a contraption that would allow him to put the entire team on his back, but he isn't going to be carrying them down the field. Instead he would likely be crushed like a bug under all of that weight.

Nah he can do it .

Just one at a time .

MOP - 1a Mike Reilly, 1b Bo Levi Mitchell

Defensive poy - Charleston Hughes

Top Canadian - Andrew Harris

It’s not Trevor Harris.

Agree with these picks.

Yup, these picks make the most sense.

Banks are you pulling us some where.!!?? Like if you were to draft for a new expansion CFL
team, say #1 contender Kelowna, you would pick Banks!! OR yes his brother that is it, in college as QB, would be okay! Mostly third string. Pass on 8 good starters!!
You almost got us. Nice try!!!

For the last few weeks I have had an inkling in the back of my mind that Reilly would not end up as MOP, although not so much his play but bad play calling.

Wonder how much is his own calling or reads.

Tonights game sure isn’t going to help. He may finally be knocked out of 1st place QUAR.