Who is the greatest Toledo football player ever?

[url=http://www.hustlebelt.com/2011/7/25/2291838/toledo-rockets-football-greatest-players-macwood-squares]http://www.hustlebelt.com/2011/7/25/229 ... od-squares[/url]

This is a rhetorical question, right? :lol:

You're asking the wrong person :wink:. I just copy-pasted the title from the article. Judging from the author's own words, though, I would hazard a guess that he meant it more-or-less rhetorically.

This one:

"QB Chuck Ealey (1969-71) — Does it even need to be argued anymore? He never lost a game as a starting quarterback (35-0). Three times he won MAC Offensive Player of the Year, and three times he led his team to victory in the Tangerine Bowl. In his final year he was eighth in the Heisman Trophy voting and thrice won MAC Back of the Year. He was never drafted by the NFL, but instead went north to the CFL and led the Hamilton Tiger-Cats a Grey Cup victory. I'll stop right now on Ealey; this whole thing deserves another post."

What is sad is that there are so many Canadians who in this day and age wouldn't respect Chuck Ealey as a pro football player because he never "made it in the NFL'. These are the sorts that just don't get football. Idiot Canadian supposedly "football fans" they call themselves. Idiots. :thdn:

Sort of like when Ricky Williams was playing for the Argos. I saw some young people in the stands with Dolphins jerseys on and Williams' name on the back but they showed no emotion at all for any plays on the field. That is why I don't want these guys playing here as much as I respect them for their talent and coming up here to play. No thank you. Not the sort of people I want to be around in IWS for games, the "fans" that is of the Ticats, these sorts.

Former Ticat DT (2007-08) JP Bekasiak also went there. The Cats drafted him in the 1st round actually. Too bad they messed with him on the O line and diluted his talent. In Montreal he has shown that with proper coaching he can be a quality starter like he is now. He had a solid game against Sask this past weekend.

Not saying he belongs anywhere near the best Toledo players ever list but thinking of the school made me think of him.

Maxwell Klinger aka Jamie Farr was born Jameel Joseph Farah in Toledo, Ohio :lol:
Greats player in all of Toledo

He also Talk about Mud Hens alot :slight_smile:

So their baseball team isn't called the Rockets? Odd.

Looks pretty baddass.. for a hen. :slight_smile:


After googling the Mudhens I see they are a minor league baseball team. The thread is in reference to Toledo the university (not the town) and their Rockets fooball team.