Who is the Fastest Man in the CFL?

Anyone know?

Overall, I'd say Tony Tompkins.

In Montreal, it used to be Richard Karikari, but Don Matthews said rookie Chip Cox is even faster.

charlie roberts is pretty quick, maybe the quickest, i dunno.

Roberts is quick but not fast so I doubt it would be him.

ones he gets a lane to gain speed in noone keeps up with him, he's got some wheels. labert johnson III is suppoesd to be fast too, hopefully we'll see it soon

This reminds me..I wish I could remember the details. Back in the eighties, I beleive, could be ealy nineties, there was one play where a LB or DB intercepted a ball and ran it back almost for a TD but was caught from behind by a ...wait for it...an offensive lineman. I beleive one of the teams involved was WPG but danged if I can remember more. Sure had a good laugh at the other players expense at the time.

i'm a d-lineman, and when my adrenilines pumping i can catch a RB from behind, it's all adreniline

One Year My Football Team Did Speed Factory At York U. (A Speed Improvement Program) Part Of It Involved Timed Head To Head Races. Our Center Beat Our Backup QB Who Also Played WR And CB.

Fastest Player Would Have To Be Ezra Landry. To Bad The CFL Doesn't Post Combine Results, Ricky Williams Runs The 40 At 4.2.

im saying jason armstead, alot of players i have talked to have said the same thing also.

yeah, but I talking O lineman. Big difference, pun intended :slight_smile:

Tony Tompkins and Ezra Landry, both of them are built, and utilized for their speed!

harumpf..I could beat them all in my dreams.

The Gliebermans!! Blink! and they were gone!

....geo wins.....tough to compete with that..... :wink:

the chearleaders also agree that Glieb jr. was pretty fast.......

Agreed on the Goobermans; they were faster and more devestating that a successful safety blitz. :lol:

Yeah, I believe he runs somewhere around a 4.3.

Could be Chip Cox 10.28/100 meters

... unless that RB also has the adrenaline rush going. Then his lighter weight must keep him ahead...

Kenton Keith being chased by Andrew Greene.