Who is the coach of the year at this point in the season?

Who is the coach of the year after a third of the season?

Austin. Hands down.

Berry a solid second, hampered more by the fact that he laid alot of groundwork last year than any shortcomings from this year.

your kidding right? :lol:

Was I supposed to carry the flag for a write-in Jim Popp campaign?

I did consider Popp, but with his team @ .500, I left him off. There is talent on the Als, who did make a GC appearance last year, they should be better and have a better record.

Gotta say Wally Buono, even with 2 straight losses. Team could have and should have fallen apart with the injuries but have stuck together and are still tied for #1 in the CFL.

Still whining about injuries, I see.
As the coach of the team with the fewest injuries out of the 3, I guess that should cinch it for Wally....

Coach of the year, like so many awards of its kind should consider a number of things.
The track record of a coach can help, or hinder--which means it hurts Wally, and helps Austin. Expectations are huge.
Meeting expectations if they are high will garner votes. Exceeding expectations will garner even more.
I expected Winnipeg to finish first, so if they do not, I can't vote for Berry. And while in first, they have not looked consistant doing so. I expected BC to finish third, so being in first may get my vote.
I also expected the Riders to be first, and the lack of experience favours an Austin vote.
So I think both Wally and Kent have exceeded expectations, so I eliminate Berry. I think Austin gets the nod due to the "inexperience" factor.

However, the guy missing that would actually get my vote is Maciocia.
RLR thinks Wally is good for holding his injury ridden team together.
I guess that makes Dancin' Danny a freakin' genius as the Lions are ridiculously healthy compared to Edmonton right now.
Danny gets votes for lack of experience, he gets lots of votes for exceeding expectations.
I still think they will miss the play-offs, but right now they are there and in the thick of it all.
Despite a massive overhaul and the injuries.

Danny Maciocia gets my vote.

How can you not vote for the guy whose ill fated decision to unsuccessfully try a very long meaningless field goal (made longer by taking a knee the previous play) prompted the opposing team to thrash his squad the following week for their only win of the season?

Oh, wait.
Yeah, I guess it's Austin instead.

No question- it is Don Matthews!!!!!!!!

He is only tied for number one because of two straight losses. Once Dickenson went out (which was undoubtedly going to happen this year) The Lions began to struggle. So by winnning 5 straight then injuries casuing a team to lose 2 straight means the injuries were handled well and the team stuck together?

I was looking for that one but couldn't find the box to tick it off.


Kent Austin and then a close second Doug Berry. Both took teams that were, shall we say lacking and have turned them into pretty good contenders.

Pass me some of what you're smoking. Lions have had the least injuries this season? The fact that this is coming from you who equates Eddie Davis with Dave Dickenson makes me laugh all the way through your whole post.

Yuk Yuks could use an entertainer like you.

RLR, Arius said that of the 3 coaches listed, Buono has had the fewest injuries to deal with, and he is right. You still havent changed-- you are arrogant and brag when your team wins, and make up excuse after excuse when they lose.

Sounds like you may be smoking better quality stuff than Arius. Not only would I say the Lions have more injuries than the Riders or Bombers, I'd say they have more significant injuries than both teams combined.

Check out what Chris Schultz said two weeks ago after the Riders game, the fact that they have 1 significant injury. I can name you over 5 significant injuries to the Lions, and one of them involves the 2006 Grey Cup MVP in the most important position in football, the QUARTERBACK.

For edit sake the stupidity on this board is reaching astronomical levels, and Sambo you are NOT helping.

Hey , Im trying to raise your intelligence level, but I guess that some things are too much for you. The fact is that Wally has had the fewest injuries to deal with of the 3 coahces listed in this poll. Tell me, which part of that do you not understand?

Actually, I'm going to argue a different point of view.

To me, injuries are a non-factor. This is a team game where you are only as good as your weakest player. Yes, Wally has managed the team while hit with important injuries in key situations, and, as a Lion fan, I'm thrilled at our record under these conditions.

I look at the overall picture. Austin has come into a situation where Tillman has made a lot of whole sale changes, not just a change here or a change there. Austin has seemed to (Regina posters are closer and can agree or disagree) change the Attitude of the team. They seem like a more confident bunch. Critics of Austin have said he was a "Pass happy player" but as a coach, he seems to have brought a balanced attack to the Rider team.

I also liked what Berry has done in Winnipeg. I think he has changed Kevin Glenn, from an average QB that makes bad decisions, into a bonafide starter. Glenn is not panicking and making poor decisions as in past years. Berry doesn't have the receiving core that Saskatchewan and BC have, yet he has been able to draw up a successful (so far) game plan (Charles Roberts helps) that Kevin Glenn can work with.

Wally got basically the same team as last year, Yes we lost a couple guys on defense and Ryan Thelwell. But Wally the GM has replaced them with good players so Wally the coach can carry on.

While I would love my Lions to sweep all the awards (wouldn't we all like that for our respective home teams) I look at this coaches debate, at what each coach had to start with, and where they brought their current team to.

Just my two cents worth.

too soon to poll this. Wait til the argos win their last 9

See this is why everyone likes and respects Sporty. He is un biased in things like this.

And as for the question, although I wasnt too sure about Austin to begin with, I now respect him. I think when you consider that most of us werent to sure about this year as far as the win & losses go, it has to be him so far. I give a lot of credit to Doug Berry as I consider him to be a fairly close second. Regardless, there is still A LOT of football to be played.

Er, what?

Uh, I meant that in relation to the comments about the Lions having the least injury problems to deal with.