Who is the CFL's most marketable player?

I used to think it was Jessie Lumsden. However, he hasn't performed at a consistently high enough level as he keeps getting injured. Milt Stegall was that guy, but unfortunately the league was asleep at the switch and never took advantage of the opportunity that was right in front of them.

It should be a combination of looks and charisma; someone who's well-spoken and excels on the field. It's also kind of an intangible "it" factor. Regardless, the league needs to do a much better of cultivating these guys for their advertising/marketing campaigns.

The only CFL players truly recognizable by a good deal of Canadians would be Burris, Calvillo, Cahoon, and Ray IMO. It seems like players come and leave too quickly to make a lasting impact. The above named guys have been around for a while(nationally recognized), won cups, play "skilled" positions, and are well spoken.

I know you're asking to pick one, but in my opinion that's something the CFL is lacking a bit these days. There is so bona fide superstar. Look at the NHL they have Ovechkin and Crosby, the NBA has Lebron James and Kobe Bryant, etc.

There is no Gizmo Williams or Pinball Clemens, the guy who is worth the price of admission by himself. Hopefully that changes, there's not much you can do, it's just kind generational thing but that would propel the CFL even more, especially if a Canadian.

Cam Wake probably could have been close, had he stayed longer, but people usually don't care much about the defensive players. But man I miss Wake, the guy was a freak.

Geroy Simon.

has been a top star every season, and been a BC lion for as long as i've been watching football.

Andy Fantuz is another top choice. Canadian, top player, all with one team.

Simon would be good if he could wipe the pout off his face and say something positive once in a while.

One thing I like about the CFL is that, for me, I've never really watched the league for the fact there are guys that are so recognizable to the general Canadian sports public. I just like watching the game of Canadian football, period. Actually it's like that in most leagues for me.

That being said if I had to pick one player now to fit that category, I'd have to say Calvillo even though he doesn't have the big smile of a Burris.

AB3 .

Probably Geroy. Consistently a top player, been with the same team for so long that he's easy to recognize. Has the signature touchdown pose that people recognize, a catchy nick name. Keeps in touch with fans through Facebook/Twitter. Shows up to almost any and all community events the team hosts.

There are other guys who do a lot in the community to but because they don't have the star power that Geroy has they aren't recognized for it as much.

I would prefer to see a top canadian used.

Andy Fantuz :thup:

My picks from each team would be
Mont- Cahoon, Calvillo
T.O.- can't think of one

Hamilton- Floyd, Glenn
Wpg- Brown
Sask- Fantuz, Durant
Cgy- Burris, Reynolds
Edm- Ray
B.C.- Simon, Brent Johnson

the way the CFL works is that each team has to find someone who's marketable and push them out to their own cities!

don't worry about a national marketable star, just worry about one for your own City.

JDawg, for BC, that would be Geroy Simon and Casey Printers. It's unbelievable how much buzz and media attention that Casey generates in this town.

This sad list of stars is just another downside of the SMS.
The most recognizable individuals in the CFL are generally the coaches and management figures.
Who is the face of the Hamilton Tigercats... Well it is Bob Young of course.
Who is the face of the Lions... well that's easy, it's Buono.
The face of the Argos is only a part timer in that of Pinball Clemons.
The face of the Bombers for a whole season was Mike Effin Kelly!!!
John Hufnegal is every bit of a star in Calgary, that Henery Burris is.
The star of the team or the face of the franchise is generally the guy getting paid the most...and in the CFL, the players are not the guys getting paid.
The guys who are getting paid, are the management and coaching staff.

…equating a coach’s public reach to the SMS is a eyebrow raising stretch…coaches in the NFL, NHL, NBA and managers in the MLB are as recognizable and famous as their player counterparts…the CFL is no different or unique in this regard due to the SMS…I find your argument baseless…

…PS, I wouldn’t buy anything Geroy was hawking, but that’s just me…

a few years back i would say printers. I think with the excitement surrounding his return this year, and the anticipation of what could happen next season, he is a possible marketable player once again... as long as he stays with wally.

I think if Jesse Lumsden could stay healthy he would easily be it. A white Canadian dominating in a league where only the Americans are supposed to play the skill positions is really an eye-catcher. It's too bad it might never happen, but it would be nice if it did.

backup esks QB Zabransky?

I never buy anthing because of who is "hawking" it.

Although, I have been tempted to buy lindsay wagners bed

so you're saying that it would be ok for the CFL to forgo having a budget and spend money on big players so that they have Big Marketable players, yet have their teams go bankrupt due to having more debt than earnings!

ya that MAKES A TONNE of SENSE! :roll: