Who is the biggest fan of your team!!!

I was right :lol: :wink: :lol:

Eh, Tvor - I don't mind the "chick" thing so much - "broad" I'm not so fond of, but I'll deal with it, too. You won't find much of a feminist in me. . .most of the terms referring to women I find offensive are not appropriate for this board anyway. :smiley:

Girls usually don’t like football either.

It' seems as though we have a lot of girls and women on this forum....saskargo, jm02, spankeedisco, kirsten84, notezbeinggreen just to name a few. Great to see.


I dunno if “broad” is so derogitory…for instance, you jm, spankee(was always more fascinated with this name once the jury deliberated and we found out he was indeed a “she” :wink: ), kirsten, saskargo, and veryez could form the formidable troupe called the “broad-squad”… I’m shakin’ already… :o

There is so many good fans on this forum, I'd hate to upset by not recognizing them. There is some standouts though who's passion for their teams and the game kinda stick out more than others to me. ticats_fan_86 is the future of this game. I've had some good chats with. Lots respect there, as well as Argonauts_04_Champs. redwhite2005, jm02, Lionbacker, Third And Ten. Oops, little edit here, I didn't want to leave out Esk-Jebus. Never talked to them personally, but has a good head on their shoulders.