Who is the better QB?

Who would you rather have as the starting QB for your team?

Why only two choices... Pretty limited!

--Because Im not asking who is the BEST QB, I just want to know whos better out of those two. Im having an argument with someone about who is better, and I need some impartial votes to back up my theory.

I guess none of them. Burris makes more big plays happen, but he gives the ball away way too often. Glenn has the opposite upsides and downsides. I guess from a money point of view, I'd take Glenn, but I'd be looking for someone else..

i agree with third completely. i would take glenn over burris because he is cheaper and tends not to lose games for you. however he definently doesn;t win them for you either. look for someone better.

I'd prefer Brad Banks, Jason Gesser or Buck Pierce !

Do I have to take either one of them? Okay, I think Burris has a bigger upside then Glenn, even though both are mistake prone and I would really not necessarily build a team around either one.


And yes, T & T the bet is over and I don't have to sing the praises of the Stamps and Burris unless they give me no choice. They played pretty well in the second half of Monday's game, but was that the Stamps or a let down by the Esks or a little of both. I'm thinking the latter.


Where’s Ted White??

They both suck!!!
If I had to pick one.It would be Hank.
Imagine Hank winning a cup with Toronto.
That would be funny.Just another thing to shove down Rider fans throats!!!LOL