Who is the better qb-Joseph or Burris?????????????

As a true Rider fan I would rather have Kerry Joseph as QB. I think he is smarter than Burris and has a better arm. He is gettung used to a new system and the kinks will be worked out. On the other hand, Henry is in his 2nd year with the same Offensive co-ordinator and there are still problems with his decision making. I'd take Joseph over Burris in a turkeyheartbeat! What are some other opinions on this comparison??????????? Enlighten me Pleeeeze!

Riders Rule

Joseph fumbles way too often. Get rid of the fumbling and I'd consider him.

Of course you would! You are a rider fan get over it!

joseph has less INTs, more TDs, better yards ( remember has played 1 less game )is a better runner ( altho both are good ), better reciever ( as we saw this weekend ), and better QB rating ( 3rd in the league )...i'd say KJ wins so far this year.

between this and your power rankings you are certainly a Rider fan

Both turn the ball over fairly often, fumbling, or INTs, but...Based upon the games thus far this season, I'd have to go with Joseph. Burris seems to be having a tough time utilizing some very solid offensive weapons in copeland, lewis, and thurmon.

They are both Turnover machines but I think that Joseph is a better QB simply because of his big playmaking capability.

Both are very good QBs but turn the ball over far too much. I'll give the nod to Joseph right now because he is being productive on a new team with new receivers, coaches, and offensive schemes. Burris has no excuse for being as inconsistent as he's been thus far, given that it's his second year in the same system, he has a wealth of receiving talent, and he's got arguably the best running back in the league in his backfield.

There is only 1 problem with your theory..

Burris's Arm is Much stronger than Joseph's.

Burris is the QB who can toss is 70yds without much effort, not Joseph.

get your facts straight!

Ah Turkey you can not get over your love for Burris! :lol:

get your facts straight...burris was in the QB challenge in year one and lost the long bomb comp to nelone green, who threw 71 yards...QB challenge year 2, kerry joseph won with 81.5 yards.

so whos arm is stronger?....JOSEPH!

G Burris did not compete this year because of prior obligations Danny Mac attended on behalf of the Stamps! :lol:

...right now neither one is impressing the he.ll out of me.....might as well ask if I want that needle shot in the a$$ or arm, it's still gonna hurt......

what does it matter if burris didnt attend this year?....last year he lost to nelone, who was the only QB to throw over 70 yards ( KJ wasnt in the 1st QB challenge )

so if burris couldnt throw 70 last year, with 3 attempts, why would he beable to beat KJ's 81.5 yards this year?....

KJ's closest challenger was nelone greene, who threw 74 yards....so he didnt just beat last years champ ( who beat burris to claim the title ), but he destroyed him!

black and white:

burris longest throw : 68 yards
joseph : 81.5 yards

…ok, ok, so KJ on a single occasion chucked a ball 13.5 yards further than Burris…not really the bar we want to use to judge overall effectiveness but sure, he did it…

a single occasion? the shortest of KJs 3 attempts was 72...still beating burris' best.

but the point is, cflisthebest said burris had the strongest arm, which is not true....KJ and greene both have stronger.

IMO i think both QB's are pretty much the same, but i think Joesph could take a hit better and throw farther :wink:

If I were starting a team, my choice would definitely be Burris. He is struggling right now, but he has a long career ahead of him-- Joseph has only 4 maybe 5 yrs left, and that is stretching it. Riders need to develop a QB to take over when Joseph is done. Burris , IMO, is the better QB.

Plus Joseph will be injured again soon. Only a matter of time when you run the ball that much.

i would NOT pick neither of them Joseph is too old and unproven and Burris the only reason hes good cause he just throw the ball and the best recivers in the league just grab it

Stamp fans take that as a compliment