Who is the better head coach Tressman or Austin

Considering how poorly Austin has developed the team in to a true Grey up contender, who would you consider the more prepared and most effective head coach? For my vote is would take Tressman hands down. Is it just me or has Austin reached his best before date in the Hammer? Call me crazy but Tressman and Popp were hired well before the official announcements were made. This is going to be a continuation of the Montreal domination in Toronto. I don't think Austin has the talent or the coaching staff to turn this garbage barge around. Open for debate....

It's too early to rate Trestman... yes he's had success in the past with the Als and now with the first regular season game back with the Argos, but he was also fired from both the Bears & Ravens. I noticed how subdued Austin was on the sidelines with this recent disaster.... I'm sure he was fuming inside... but unlike the Austin of old, somehow he kept sideline composure(unlike Collaros). I think we've seen the best of Austin and now the team has tuned him out... we'll know for sure by the end of this season(if KA lasts that long) who the better head coach is.

Tressman 's grandmother could have coached Montreal with Calvillo as QB. Calvillo made a star out of Coach Mattews. as well. :cowboy:

So Matthews 173-105 record and 4 Grey Cups before he coached Montreal didn't impress you?

Austin's regular season record as TiCat HC fell to below .500 (36-37) yesterday.
If you add in playoffs and Grey Cups, his record is now 40-41.
Despite this winless year, he's a pre-season winner @ 6-4.

Don't think so. Calvillo had a very talented team around him, and a coach who designed a system to play to his strengths. Granted, it is only one game, sadly against a lack-lustre D, but it looked from here that Trestman has done the same for Ray.

One of the signs of a good HC, is that he can make average players preform at a above average level. He instills
confedence. Tressman does that, Austin does not. How many times has the Cats started a game on a flat note,
waiting for someone to spark them.

This is a ongoing problem that can not be fixed with adding a player or two.

This is a "MOTIVATION PROBLEM" which Austin says he doesn't think the players need. This is a quote from Austin.

It looks like we may have reached a road block in our development of this team.

Everything you need to know about either of these two guys can be seen by watching how they conduct themselves in front of the press after a loss. Trestman acts like a grownup.

Bullseye .......

Bullseye x 2

I think Austin's record is an unfair take, he's been plagued by the injury bug and that's not his fault as a coach, unless he's running guys into the ground, which I've never heard anything to indicate that. I think we've taken a big hit with losing our coordinators after two years, where Trestman had his staff pretty much intact till he left. Also, Austin (who was also GM at the time) had to clean up the mess Cortez left, where as Trestman inherited a still decent Alouettes squad from Popp's days as coach. It's still early in the season, and Austin did let us limp into hosting the East Semis for the last few years, despite a lot of injuries, which is a good indicator.

You also have to look at Trestman's performance down south with the Bears and Ravens, where he didn't have the talent he needed. He got canned pretty fast, and didn't demonstrably improve the team. That said, I have little doubt he was far more shackled then he was at Montreal. It is a bit damning of his coaching not cutting it the second he was away from Popp. That said, maybe he just couldn't crack it in the NFL.

So, in summary as far as who is better? Hard to say. I feel that Austin is better at the talent evaluation and improvement side of things, but he's not getting fed the same way he was the boss, back in Guelph. Apart from the 2013 rebuild in Guelph, the fact he was still able to produce in the post-season several times despite a wounded roster, so consistently speaks to that. This is also why during our Grey Cup runs, he was posting wins in the second half of the season. A lot of people laud Trestman's ability to work with QBs, but he's only ever found success with experienced QBs. AC was well on his way when Trestman took the helm. He certainly didn't do it with Jay Cutler. He also got ran out of Balitmore pretty quick. The majority of Trestman's success has been either through an existing strong team, or through free agency.

Now that said, schematically, I'm picking Trestman. Yes, he had a stacked roster offensively during the Als golden years, but a good reason why it was stacked and people didn't leave was because he knew how to use offensive threats to their fullest advantage. He also didn't abandon the run when he had Avon Cobourne, and defensively he just had a well rounded front. Yes, it could be vulnerable at times to high impact passing (as Kevin Glenn showed in 2011) but he had an offence to compensate and generally it kept things within reason. Austin on the other hand, it's very clear his offence is built on passing. When it works, it's great, but it's not the most resilient thing. It has hurt us during windy games, it has hurt us during roster and QB depletion, but when Zach has a healthy team and has time. The problem is, after so many injuries, you'd think we'd change it up a bit more. Defensively, the scheme isn't a bad one on paper but a bit risky. Stifle the rush, and Blitz from odd angles to catch QBs that have to take it to the air. The problem, is when that Blitz is being identified, we're getting burned and we're short on DBs to pickup the slack. The loss of Kaneh, Davis and Butler is very apparent right now, but so it was when we played Calgary.

Culturally...hard to say. It's both very clear, they both are very big on consistency. Austin is very big on that we don't treat games as anything special, that we don't prepare differently or make drastic changes to the way things are done. Trestman is very similar, he's all about making it clear, winning doesn't entitle you to squat and that if you want to rest on your laurels, you've come to the wrong place. Trestman is probably the more level headed coach, but Austin I have no doubt commands loyalty, as players know if they perform he's got their back. That said, he has left something to be desired with how he has acted both on the sidelines and in post game interviews. I think if your players need motivation, Austin is your guy, but if you players have seen it all already, you want Trestman. Trestman has a big advantage at being a breath of fresh air, whereas Austin doesn't have that luxury and his lustre may be fading, as this has been his longest tenured coaching job.

So, basically what I am saying is Austin is the guy I'd want to make to make an average or bad team into a contender. Trestman I'd want if I had a contender and needed someone to pass it on to as I move my way into management. Austin is better at improving players, Trestman is better at Xs and Os

I'm sure Trestman has benefited from having a good relationship and being on the same page as Popp. The fact Popp was able to get SJ Green for a bag of beans and being able to immediately gobble up Bear Woods. I'm not so certain Tillman is doing as much for Austin, but at least he's there to let him focus on the coaching end. Losing Orlando, Condell and Rudolph is such a short period of time means his workload likely has increased.

Austin, best before date has arrived. That was a terrible performance. He refuses to run the ball even though it was obvious the Argos would send the house every play. No screen passes either to back off the rush. It is clear Collaros really doesn't want to run, his one half great season was that he scramble for yards which is a back breaker for defences. I think he is far too loyal to some players like CJ Gable and others haven't had great seasons for a couple of year. The DBs he cut looked good yesterday in Toronto perhaps in wrong scheme here.

I really believe by giving him control of all the signings etc.... has made him stubborn in some ways with his guys.
The O line needs a lot of work, DBs are always an issue. The Argos with basically a new team and system looked a lot more prepared and motivated. Why didn't Austion bring in Bear Woods, he blew us up yesterday. Some of our long time players look complacent.

8) At least spell the coaches name right if doing a comparison !! :oops:
  His name is TRESTMAN......not Tressman.

Maybe he mean't Trashman

Come to think of it, Trashman might be a better Coach right now than Austin! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Now, if you really want to get depressed, read this.

[url=http://3downnation.com/2017/06/27/milton-theres-cause-concern-hamilton/]http://3downnation.com/2017/06/27/milto ... -hamilton/[/url]

"Once again, the Tiger-Cats open the season in a hole. For the 12th time in 13 years they were beaten on Opening Day, and this one was as humiliating as it gets for a June game."

[i]"There is a negative momentum that’s been building around this team and, stretching into its second calendar year, that has to be a concern, too.

The Tiger-Cats have won just once in their last eight games, including regular season and playoffs. And although poor starts to the season are not unique to the Austin era, in the opening three games of the past four years the Ticats have gone 1-2, 0-3, 1-2, and 1-2 and now have lost the first game of 2017.

Hamilton has also become a team which struggles out of the game-day gate, and that happened again Sunday. That’s another issue that has to be honestly addressed during the bye week: why isn’t this team ready? It can’t all be about injuries."[/i]

And to choose a coach to compare too Trestman is probably the highest regarded coach in this league. Nobody else has much of a NFL resume as far as i know.

This from someone who, as I recall, has been a big fan of Austin in the past and has supported him at every opportunity.

Beginning to see the light eh?

Just kidding Seymour, I'm still a fan of Austin, I'm not ready to jump out the window ........................................... yet!

Two different people with different coaching skills entirely, very difficult to compare. I still believe in Austin and his coaches in Hamilton, it's a long season still ahead after only the first game, i'm sure the team will correct the problems from the first game and move on accordingly.

Tressman won in Montreal for one reason, he had AC, Ben Cahoon and good receivers and coached AC during his prime run in Montreal.

Now many fans feel he can do the same with Ricky Ray in Toronto, possible but maybe not? In his first game on Sunday Ray looked good with 500 yards passing and SJ Green helped a lot but it's a long year, will Ray be this hot every game?

Wow after reading Drew Edwards tweet about the attendance at BMO on Sunday at 13,000 I think Tressman & Popp have more concerns on how to build a winner and attract Argo bums to fill the seats? Pretty bad when you consider at least half or more would have been Tiger-Cat fans in attendance???


that is 4 reasons not 1 :wink:

Definitely a concern, but if they can consistently play like they did on Sunday, I think they will start to rebuild their attendance. I can remember similar crowds at old Ivor Wynne during our prolonged skid a few years back, but the fans have come back. Plus, I don't think it matters where the fans come from or who they come to cheer. A dollar from a Hamilton, Montreal or Ottawa fan (not to mention the Saskatchewan exiles) spends just the same and buys just as much as a dollar from a Toronto fan.