Who is the better coach now?

Well prior to the Labor day classic in Calgary I thought we should have some fun? Edmonton fans who was the better coach Ned Flanders or Tinker bell Machokie!
All other fans can vote as well!

who is ned??

flanders....higgins is the man!

who is ned flanders?

Ned is no other then Tom Higgens it is the nick name Schmoe fans had given him. :lol:

Schmoe fans are weird :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats another topic :lol: I would not want to fight Ned I here a few players have wrestled with him and lost!

Ned's the Man! If Calgary sweep these two upcoming meetings then there's a good chance the Esks and Ti-Cats will square off in a Golf Tournament somewhere down south in November.

Hmmm is it not funny that the two teams making that questionable trade last year are being punished by the football gods! :lol:

Yes it is very,very surprising!
I figured Edmonton,Calgary and BC fighting it out for first right to the end. Hamilton I believed would finish ahead of Winnipeg and maybe give the Argos a run for their money for 2nd in the East.
The next two weeks will tell alot about where the teams are headed.

Ned can play some great football! ever saw the Simpson's episode where they and their rivals were playing in a LDC like game?

KK, what in the blue hell are you talking about?

This has nothing to do with the fact Higgins is called "Flanders", the fact Maccioca's called "Tinkerbell", or why I've once equated Walby to "having taken too many shots to the head that he now has a similar cranial capacity as a certain transplanted Aussie."

The question at hand is: who will win the Battle of Alberta tomorrow: Stamps or Eskimos? Nothing more, nothing less.


who will win the Battle of Alberta tomorrow
huh??? there is a game tomorrow???

ah go on....you pulling my leg.

seems like you can't take a joke or a pun either, or have watched the simpsons, buddy, or you would have seen that.

BTW, Calgary!


This must be a joke poll.. Higgins, or the guy that won the grey cup with a team Higgins put together and just got to ride it out to the end. Geee, I wonder. :stuck_out_tongue:





You think I can't take a joke? What? Can't a pun? What? Say I don't watch The Simpsons? What? You say that to a guy who owns the first eight seasons on DVD? What?


Look atcha! You're a piece of garbage. You don't deserve to be in the same forum with me, much less the same damn country; which you will be this November, and I have no control over that. Especially if you get denied access in here due to lack of proper identification or past indiscressions (i.e. political espionage/mafia affiliations); not to mention your somewhat unstable mental capacity that seems to include uttering threats. Do the doctors at whatever equivalent of Bellevue there is in the U.S. state of Georgia know about you leaving the country for a period of time? I didn't think so.

So before you start assuming that some of us can't take the joke, take a good long look in the mirror, Sunshine. The only joke around here is the one staring right back atcha in that mirror.

"And that's the Bottom Line, 'cause mongo said so!"

:lol: Poor Aussie lost in the out back no water and he is not of right mind!

Ouch thats a bit harsh there Mongo! I guess you should see when his team doesn't win! :lol:

I long for the day when you get banned from thid forum, and have to come back under a different name. Then you will know what it feels like, and stop picking on me and MYOFB.