Who is the best to get HDTV from in Winnipeg?

I noticed Shaw only has about 6 HDTV channels and MTS TV has no HDTV at the moment. I guess the other option would be Bell.

Where do people here in Winnipeg get their TV (specifically HDTV) from? Which is the best company to go with?

Note: I don't use the Shaw internet/tv bundle.

Bell Expressvu
27 highdeff channels
In Quebec Videotron is the only other option but they only have 14-15 and they dont seem to have the same quality!

get a satelite. check out what they offer

Don't get a satellite! They cost up to a billion dollars! I would get a satellite dish.... much cheaper! Try bell expressvu's satellite dish

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No question ... Get Bell.

Not only is there more content chanelwise, the image also isn't compressed on Bell, making the quality higher. If you have bought a fancy-pants TV ... get Bell.


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in another year or two it wont really matter, all networks will be broadcasting in HD, just make sure your TV is…

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