Who is the best Running Back in the CFL?

Cornish is a very good running back, but massively overrated. He plays behind a great offensive line in an offense run by the top offensive mind in the league (Dave Dickenson). Most of his runs, he's not even touched until he's past the line of scrimmage. He'll rarely make multiple defenders miss, he isn't a particularly bruising runner, and his receiving skills are average at best.

It is a team game, nobody is going to be a great rusher without a great line. That being said there is no basis for any of you other points except for Dickenson, I agree and think he may well end up as head coach somewhere next year. As for his receiving skills, not only does he lead in the rushing categories, he leads all running backs in receiving as well.

If anyone except Cornish wins the MOP and Top Canadian, it will be a massive injustice. As well if he is not a unanimous choice for all star running back that voter should be booted off the island.

Cornish's skills aren't much better than any other back in the league. Now before I get completely crapped on, he is not a bad back. But neither are Hugh Charles, CJ Gable or Chad Simpson. Cornish is the least touched back I can remember seeing at least in the past 10 years, maybe more. Rushing yards is a TEAM stat. The Stamps are excellent at rushing the football. I've been through many of the details in other threads. I was asked above whether or not I've been watching Stamps games. Yes I have been watching. It is my opinion that anyone who thinks that Cornish is hands down slam dunk the best is NOT watching games, they are only reading box scores. Rushing stats can be very misleading. Cornish missed 1 game earlier this year. The 2 backs that platooned to replace him totalled 140 yards. It's a team game and a team stat. Fred Reid led the league in rushing. Chris Garrett put up roughly the same numbers (on a per game basis) and took his job. Then Chad Simpson did the same to Garrett. And now Wil Ford is doing the same to Simpson. Almost every team cycles through backs like this. Have Cornish's numbers really been that much better than Joffrey Reynolds were? And then take into account of how great Calgary's offensive line is the past 2 seasons. Reynolds routinely put up 1400 yards and was a better blocker but he lost his job basically because of his passport and maybe his age and money.

2/3 of a team's rushing yards comes from blocking at the point of attack and right now Calgary's oline is THE BEST. To see an oline run block as well as the current Stampeder team you have to go back to Sakatchewan 03-06 (another team that cycled through TONS of backs putting up huge numbers behind the same line). I have not seen a back so untouched since Corey Holmes back in '04-'05 against the Argos who always played that soft front. The yards that Cornish is gaining the past 2 years could be gained by any other back in that offense. Again, he's a good back, but he shows me nothing that is all that special. There are TONS of good backs out there. Show me a special back. I don't really see one in the league right now, not since Pringle. There are different guys who do different things well, but I see nobody who brings a grade-A complete package and certainly nobody who is irreplaceable.

100% incorrect. Check your stats and you'll see that both C.J. Cable (14 GP, 52 catches, 575 yards, 2 TDs) and Andrew Harris (16 GP, 56 catches, 470 yards, 0 TDs) are well ahead of Cornish (15 GP, 40 catches, 332 yards, 0 TDs).

Right on, friend. You are absolutely correct. Cornish is a good back, no question, but he's not nearly as good as either the hype or his numbers. I too have never seen a running back so untouched on the majority of his snaps. Seriously, there is no one even laying a finger on him most of the time until he's in the secondary. He doesn't have explosive speed and he's not a power runner. He just runs through the truck-size holes opened up by his line.

Both Sheets and Cornish play behind good offensive lines and have good defenses which allows their offense to establish the run and control the clock as they do not give up alot of points. Sheets would be running away with the rushing title this year if he didnt miss three games. One could argue Sheets is more durable as he carries the ball more times then Cornish. Both different style running backs; Sheets is good at making people miss where as Cornish has more speed. Sheets is a better pass blocker and a better reciever out of the back field. Its hard to say who is better when you take into account all factors that a running back in the CFL is asked to do.

So... the RB who missed 3 games is more durable than a RB that missed 1 game.


I agree, the O-line has been good for Cornish, but Calgary's 2 best O-lineman have been missing for several weeks now. Cornish has come up big for his team and the injury a few weeks ago obviously affected him for a few games. He hasn't looked the same until a couple games ago, he was clearly struggling with it. Anyway, clearly a more powerful and productive runner, he takes the cake. Hell, if I got 25 chances a game I could be in the running for most rushing yards.

Look at the gaps Cornish gets and compare that to any other club, and the fact that when he was out the one game and you barely notice...Stamps hands down have the best run blocking in the league. It is not uncommon for JC to go 5 yards w/o being touched, and that is not from him making people miss. Don't get me wrong, I would rank him as MOP at the moment...seems rather obvious here and now...if it were MVP, not so sure...why...his backup had fairly similar results, also, his closest competitor was out and that team fell apart.

I am not attempting to belittle JC's amazing accomplishments this season...I've said it before...if you were to flip both he and say Sheets, I don't think either would be the success they are right now. They are the right people for their given teams. Sheets the delay style runner that lets the gaps develop, Cornish hits the line full out for already open gaps.

Football, like most sports, and even most things in life, is all about timing...the luck of being the right person at the right time in the right place. Cornish is the right back for the Stamps and having a stunning year. The fact that he is crushing his stats from 2012 is a testament to his ability.

Yeah, don't think anyone is disputing Cornish's MOP candidacy, but Casey Printers was an MOP one year too. Put Cornish on any team not named the Stampeders and his numbers would be nothing close to what they are now.

Cornish has great numbers and he kept his pants on this year too.

Looking forward to Saturdays match-up. Don't be surprised if Cornish does not get near the number of touches though. Calgary doesn't seem to be near as concerned about the numbers as Saskatchewan and sheets for that matter is.

I bet if you ran a poll on who's the best, Sheets would win. :lol:

The irony of all this is that Lumsden and Cornish for a brief time in 2010 were actually team-mates with the Stamps.It completely slipped my mind that Lumsden finished his career with a 3 game stint with Calgary,I thought he retired after signing with the Esks. Lumsden also ironically scored his last t.d. of his career in a game that year vs the Cats!!!

Anybody would have been put out with the hit Sheets took. Having a 275+ pound defensive linemen come rolling into your knee while having another defender hit you from behind will result in injury more often then not.

Between pass receptions and rushing attempts, Sheets touches the ball on average 24 times per game as opposed to Cornish's 18. Sheets averages more yards per game (140) as opposed to Cornish's 135. Sheets is used more as a work horse. They are used for two different purposes in their offenses. Sheets is used to control the game. Sheets takes more of a pounding game in and game out then Cornish does. As we have seen in the past, Cornish would shut down if he were to take the punishment Sheets does throughout the game.

Very speculative, I have not seen any indication that Cornish would "shut down". I also think many of Sheets stats are padded, piled up after the game is out of hand. Maybe somebody out there has stats on touches late in the game. I just seems to me that Sheets gets the ball a lot when it doesn't matter. I stated in another thread that I though that Dressler deserves the Riders nomination for MOP. I say this because I have seen Dressler so often this year, make the key play at the key time, not just late in the games.

Cornish can't deal with being hit. If you smack him early and often in a ballgame, he'll become tentative as a runner and won't turn his shoulders to the LOS to take on a hit.

I have seen this several times when Cornish plays teams with an aggressive front 7. Game 1 against Saskatchewan he was limited to 40 yards because he got smacked around to start the game. Looking at Cornish's stats, he does not play as well against teams with physical defensive front sevens. With the Riders adding Alex Hall, that defensive front seven is now more aggressive then they were already.

Dressler isnt even leading the Riders in recieving yards, Getzlaf is. Nothing against Dressler, we love him over here in Riderville but the runner up would definitly be Durant then Getzlaf for the Riders MOP. As for Sheets' stats being "padded", good running backs are supposed to be able to close out football games. That confirms what I have said; Sheets is used to control the game. Teams stack the box knowing that the Riders are going to run the football when up late in games, and they still cant stop Sheets.

...yep, he's unstoppable, he's still running in fact

Dressler also has 2 more receiving touchdowns than Getzlaf. Yes Getzlaf has 80 more yards on the season but if you read my comment, I state that "I say this because I have seen Dressler so often this year, make the key play at the key time".

I am not saying that Sheets is not a good back or that he hasn't had a great year. I am just saying that the numbers should dictate who wins not smear campaigns questioning players guts or determination. Dispite what the Rider propoganda them is spewing, Cornish is not soft, tentative or not willing to take a hit to make a play.

It seems that the difference between Saskatchewan and Calgary is Saskatchewan seems to be hung up on awards and Calgary is just content with team honours. I pin that on Huffer. The only award that matters to him will be presented on November 24. Watch Saturday, if the game is out of reach either way, see who is getting the ball late in the game.

Dressler is good, I'm not arguing that. There are alot of play makers on the Rider team.

I wouldnt say the Riders are "Hung Up" on awards. They definitely have personal goals, ie Mission 2K, but based on interviews I have heard from Sheets, Durant and Chamblin, this team is focused on the big award and that is the Grey Cup.

And yes Cornish's weak spot is when he gets hit hard he doesnt come to play. Just like the Rider players, as good as they are, have weaknesses as well.