Who is the best receiver in the league?

Who's the best wide receiver/slotback in the CFL?
Here's what I think;
1)Matt Dominguez
2)Geroy Simon
3)Jermaine Copeland
4)Ben Cahoon
5Arland Bruce III

To hard to mesure with the them playing under diferent QBs

I'll throw a twist to it:

Best reciver to break a long one and change momentum : Simon
Best receiver to make a clutch catch for a first down : Cahoon

God, when you need those short 10 yard ones, and the QB throws the ball off balance, It's got to be Cahoon, hands down to make that catch.

Deep Jason tucker 24 yards per catch last season
short Cahoo no one better in short yardage situations


Tucker :mrgreen: Tucker :mrgreen: Tucker :mrgreen:


Geroy Simon and Jason Clermont, hands down.

Some objectivity, perhaps?

Wide: Tucker -- Blazing speed, "Charmin" hands, great footbal sense.
Slot: Clermont -- Horse strength, speed, great football sense. Did I mention strength?

  1. Clermont -being a non-import doesn't hurt his value either
  2. Dominguez -probably won't have most yards due to Sask being a running tem
  3. Tucker
  4. Copeland
  5. Cahoon
  1. Geroy Simon
  2. Matt Dominguez
  3. Jason Tucker
  4. Jermaine Copeland
  5. Milt Stegal

You guys are way off. Here is a list of the five best receivers in the league:

  1. Craig Yeast
  2. Archie Amerson
  3. D.J. Flick
  4. Chris Brazzell
  5. Mike Morreale

Though I suppose it is possible that I'm a little biased.

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Tough question. No single receiver really stands out above the rest of the great receivers.

Ed Hervey is a great receiver that hasn't been mentioned yet.

Pee Wee Herman of the Riders!

Travis Moore has great hands in short yardage situations, he's a great go-to-guy. Dominguez also can break a long one now and then. Cahoon is pretty amazing too.

CHRIS TAYLOR is the best WR in the league

Who? :?

I would think Tucker has an edge over Cahoon because of speed but they are both money. I also think that Milt Stegal should be mentioned here as well.


Milt Stegal is past his prime, he should start thinking about retirment.

Fair enough. I don't pay enough attention to him to rebutt that but I do recall him tearing it up a few years ago and being a threat before the Bombers started to struggle at QB