Who Is The Best Of The Best LB's In The CFL

I had been visiting a few other CFL fan sites, and I found it interesting the various lists that were made up of who each fan from different teams thought there LB's were the best. BC of course picks Simpson, Calgary of course picks Grace and Winnipeg funny enough picked both Simpson and White, and then SK of course picks Hunt as the best. So I thought I would shar my list with everyone and see what the rest of the country thinks.

My top 10 picks for Best LBs. 2005

DT = Defensive Tackles leading the league in 2004

I wanted to provide their stats from last season, not that stats are everything, but I thought I would add that in.

1 Simpson - 76 DT Simply The Best
2 White - 87 DT Most technically sound LB, fast, versatile, consistent
3 Bonner - 78 DT Solid player
4 Mobley -75 DT Looking forward to see how he does this season
5 Eiben - 110 DT Under rated player, lets see what he doesn this season
6 Hunt - 72 DT He hits hard, another under rated player
7 Wiltshire - 76 DT Not sure if he is that great anymore, but still good
8 O'Shea - 89 DT Great leadership talent on the field, strong player
9 Coe - 71 DT Great CD talent, lets give him another 2 seasons to get better
10Grace - 53 DT Over rated, he's good but not great or consistent

Just an add in feature
These are guys who led the league in QB Sacks in 2004. So here's how I would give them an overall ranking, not according to stats, but I wanted to demonstrate where they stand statistically, this is just my personal ranking.

1 Simpson 7 QBS
2 Grace 7 QBS
3 Cantor 10 QBS
4 White 5 QBS
5 Cheatwood 14 QBS
6 Montford 13 QBS
7 Maxie 6 QBS
8 Bonner 5 QBS
9 Floyd 5 QBS
10Hunt 6 QBS

I would agree with your list, but I would take out Wiltshire and put in Kevin Johnson at 5th spot and move Eiben to 7th. Ive been coaching football for years, and Im a Defense guy, I would have to say that Barron Simpson is #1 in the league but it is a close 2nd to George White, he is such a fast versatile player. Last year when he ran for a 84 yard interception following a touch down, that was truely an amazing example of a guy who has such stamina! Hunt is a great LB too, doesnt get enough credit, although he is more of a hitter, and not that great on the run. I look forward to Eiben, and Coe this year, both have a lot of talent, and with another season under the belt they may be the next best thing in leading the league in tackles. I think in order to be the best you have to prove your talent with being a strong consistent player season after season, and both Simpson and White are the first two guys that come to mind.

You need to add Duane Butler somewhere in these rankings. You can't judge him based on last year stats because he was injured for a few games, but I believe him to be better than Kevin Johnson.

Name another LB capable of getting 5 sacks in a game!

i still love brian clark. sure he is not the best but the guy has got heart and comes up with some huge plays. i wish we never let him go.

EIBEN.........# 1 .........2004 CFL..defensive player of the week , 3 times.

He broke an ALL TIME tackle record for a single season , regardless of nationality.

He was the ARGO nominee for......... 3 ROGER awards.

He played on the 2004 Grey Cup champs.

Haven’t we heard this before?

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Who is the CFL'S best L.B. ? So I answered it and gave my reasons.

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Hands down Barron Simpson, George White and Reggie Hunt are the best Linebackers in the league. George White gets over looked because Calgary has a great list of LB's and Hunt is under rated. But overall today based on stats, consistency and most technically sound LB in the CFL, G White is the best LB.

SK should have never let him go!

Mike O'Shea- my favourite player for the past 5 years or so. The real leader on that fantastic Argo defence.

Ya O'Shea is damn good too.

Eiben is the man, and is only getting better.

What about Brian Clark? He may not be as flashy as other linebackers but he probably the most consistant, great against the pass and run. I think he was one of the biggest reason for the decline of the blue bombers defense last year. He makes the other linebackers he plays much better, that includes Grace,Coe, and White in Calagary.

Singor Mobley, a great player a great team leader, nuff said.

thats so funny, i was just thinkin Brian clark that guy is just a complete player heart , determination and skill

Yeah Brian Clark is good too, but I dont know if he should be ranked in the top 10. If you look at the stats for 2004, 2003 and even 2001. You always see guys like Simpson, O'Shea, White, Hunt all in the top for leading the league in tackles. Not to mention all of these guys are very verstatile.