Who is the best import prospect to replace Fantuz

Who is the best prospect signed to date to replace Fantuz and to watch in training camp?


Import? Well...

Ernest Wheelwright - I do not know a whole bunch about him, but he has pretty solid college numbers, and is a fair size target (6-5, 220). He could be a bit heavier, but he may pack on a few pounds in the gym. Like I said, I don't know a bunch about him, but what I did read previously is that he is pretty good at turning a play for YAC. He also has a few rushes to his name, so he is likely willing to be a bruiser. Hard to say till we see him, but he could be worth watching.

Aaron Fairooz. He has the size, can turn on a dime, pretty good speed (actually he is almost too fast to put inside) and has a pretty good leap. His knock has been that he does not burst off the line, which is not as much of a concern with the CFL's pre-snap motion. My biggest concern is that while he is a good target he is built a little more like Matt Dominguez than Andy or JC (a little to slender), and that he is more into big strides. If they can change his stride a bit I think he could be a leading candidate, if he is comfortable up the middle taking big hits...its not for everyone, and he might be 20-30lb light.

Those are the 2 imports that come to mind.
I had also thought Koch, but I did not realize how small he was...thought he was bigger. Dressler is what 5-6 or 5-7, and Getz is 6', so we don't need another small guy in there. Yeah, we have a few that can fill in if need be, but are not necessarily what we would look for full-time. I mean, I think Koch would be brilliant in the Slot if we wanted another average sized guy in there...he was actually who I thought of first, but thought he was bigger...he is basically the same size as Getz. We need a larger frame for the inside SB such as Andy was.

As for Non-Imports...
Obed Cétoute, I don't know if he will even make the team...likely, because he is Canadian, but I don't think he will be a contender to be a regular starter.

Sisco - Again, 6 foot nothin, and 210lb...I think he will be a star in time...is it as an inside SB to replace Andy, I don't generally think so. As a SB to replace Getzlaf...yeah, I can see that. I believe Getzlaf may end up in the new Ottawa via expansion draft if Sisco works out, which I think he will.

Jason Clermont - yup, that would be my pick. I still believe he is the best receiver on the team. JC is 32, and his body has not taken a pile of abuse the past few years, so he probably still has a lot in him. I would think that Andy's old job is JC's to lose for at minimum this year, and likely next. I would be pretty surprised if we did not see a lot more of him this season. If not, I wonder if he will request a trade, because he does not likely desire to leave the game riding the bench. He was very cooperative by taking a pay-cut, and sitting idle and letting young Andy take his spot. He is also a great leader, and will likely end up as some sort of coach post playing career, so I hope we keep him happy. Andy is an ideal inside SB, and has proven he can take the big hits.

That's my thoughts at the moment anyways.

Koch est un bon prospect. Pas le gars le plus grand, mais il court avec intelligence et il a de bonnes mains. Tout commence avec ça.

Il a montré qu'il peut attraper le ballon dans le trafic.

Mais je le vois plus comme demi inséré que receveur éloigné.

Je suis d’accord, mais je suis aussi d’accord avec depopulationinc que Jason Clarmont va être plus impliqué. Mais Koch sera un « starter ». La seule façon d’avoir les deux est pour Koch à jouer receveur éloigné …

Translation: I agree, but I also agree with depopulationinc that Jason Clarmont will be more involved. I do think that Koch will be a starter though. The only way to have both is for Koch to play as a wide receiver.

thanks for the translations

Yeah, I think Koch was VERY impressive last year.

Effectivement, et ce serait sans doute une bonne combinaison. Du côté de l'implication de Clermont, il faudra également que lui aussi soit plus constant dans son implication personnelle dans les parties. L'an dernier, il était parfois inégal. Mais c'est un bon joueur et il sait rebondir lorsqu'il faut.

He is a leader on and off the field. Leads by practice ethic, and by holding player meetings at his own home. JC is a proven veteran, doesn't complain about lack of play (infact takes a paycut)...just plays any role needed.

JCs 3rd or 4th catch of the year came towards the end of the season. He was going down the sideline, had a guy clung to him, the ball was supposed to be on inside shoulder but went outside. He readjusted and pulled it in. A lot of people see the diving one handed catch as plays of the year...and don't get me wrong, they are pretty and take mad skills, but too me that was one of the top catches of the year. It was a catch that most players would look at in awe. to get a catch every 4-5 games and come down with that.........yeah, he is still the man.

I remember that catch, was in front of me. Great catch indeed.

I'm pretty sure it won't be Fairooz.

He's got some positive assets for a wide-out, but durability wise., I don't see it

I like J.C as well. not just because he has the initials of another great man… I like his style, and if he coud get his speed up a bit more, he could re-assert himself as a great reciever again.

They should just let him go. He's always injured during training camp and when he has played during the reg season, he gets hurt.

Jean Chretien?