Who is the best half-time adjustments coach?

:lol: Who is the best half-time adjustments coach in the CFL. What do the stats say about this? In other words, which team scores more in the second half and allows the fewest points in the second half.

Just wondering the opinions of all you CFL gurus??

My thoughts are these coaches in this order.

  1. Calgary
  2. Montreal
  3. Edmonton
  4. Sask.
  5. Winnipeg
  6. Hamilton
  7. Torontonots
  8. BC

I gotta say Mtl
Montreal aways plays better in the second half.
Only given up 4 points in the second half all season

Nobody adjusts at halftime better than The Don.

i hate agreeing with my liberal, but yah don mathews is the master at it. when yuor playing the als you are always worried about the second half

Definitely Montreal, with Calgary in a close second.....

Is swap Montreal and Calgary around.

No argument Turkey on who should be last. We are terrible after half time!

I agree with TB, expect Montreal should be on top, and Calgary second.

If any team this season has a chance at beating Montreal, they got to play their game against them, and be on fire in the 2nd half, otherwise they are dead in the water.

Could Montreal finally get their undefeated season that they have been going for since 2002? we will see.

being undefeated in the CFL would be a real acophulisment, since it would be harder to do than it would be in the NFL (16 games, 32 teams with limited talent, etc.)

Undefeated season, talk about putting the kiss of death on them already!

Going 18-0 is pretty tough. I'll stick with my original pre-season prediction. 11-7 or 12-6.

Here are the points for each team (Remember Montreal, Saskatchewan, Toronto, and Edmonton have only played 4 games, while the rest have played 5 games).

Montreal, Points for 81, points against 11
Winnipeg, Points for 39, points against 61
Saskatchewan, Points for 77, points against 65
BC, Points for 44, Points against 90
Calgary, Points for 74, Points against 62
Edmonton, Points for 36, Points against 48
Toronto, Points for 41, points against 21
Hamilton, Points for 27, points against 60

Montreal has won every second half battle, while B.C. has lost every one.

Second half records

Montreal 4-0
Saskatchewan 3-1
Toronto 2-1-1
Winnipeg 2-2-1
Calgary 2-2-1
Edmonton 2-2
Hamilton 1-3-1
B.C. 0-4

Winnipeg gave up 48 (out of 61) of their second half points against Montreal.

You can also compare the second half points for and against to the first half, which is:

Montreal, Points for 50, points against 57
Winnipeg, Points for 80, points against 46
Saskatchewan, Points for 48, points against 85
BC, Points for 99, Points against 45
Calgary, Points for 57, Points against 48
Edmonton, Points for 33, Points against 56
Toronto, Points for 31, points against 62
Hamilton, Points for 67, points against 66

Well, any Montreal fan call glady yell at my butt if they don’t go prefect this season cuz I said so. :lol:

I dont know a Mtl fan called Gandly
Anyone know a Mtl fan called Gandly?

KK, nobody's going for a perfect season. The CFL has a long season, so talking about that after just four games is being way too far ahead.

I still expect the Als to go 12-6, also I start to think 13-5 would be pretty nice.

In fact, the farthest the Als could go unbeaten would be 12-0.

Then, we have to play a game in BC Place...

That's your mother's middle name. :lol:

Yes I do! Paul Gandly and his wife Susan!

Don Matthews is the best at half time adjustments. But Danny Macciocca is pretty good as well IMO(and not just because I'm an esks fan), take a look at the Calgary game at commonwealth a few weeks ago. The esks looked like a junior team the first half, scoring only like 2 pts. or something. But they came out strong and won the game in the second.