Who is the best current Canadian QB?

Since the Canadian QB experiment is now being tried out by quite a few teams and all three of them have seen game action (albeit limited) in the pre season, who do you think is the best or has the best chance at becoming better?

Sinopoli definately has the best build but Mueller did really well in his opener, I think better than Sinopoli did.

Brannagan I am not sure, I think he is a better passer than Sinopoli, but haven't seen him run or long bomb at all.

I guess it's Sinopoli since he's better than at least one American:

[url=http://boxscorenews.com/calgary-stampeders-training-camp-day-recap-p21428-68.htm]http://boxscorenews.com/calgary-stamped ... 428-68.htm[/url]

Unless the Stamps bring in another QB, it looks like he might actually make the active roster as the third stringer. Sounds good to me, I thought he totally belonged on that field and was, for the most part, pretty accurate. From what I remember he had at least three dropped catches by receivers (two by Parker, one by Forzani), so "completing" eight of 11 passes is pretty impressive for a CIS guy. He had a lot of poise and looked like he belonged there.

Mueller actually really surprised me, I wish the Eskimos had let him keep playing. Besides a sack, it's hard to argue against a guy who went three-for-three passing, including a couple of tough throws. Even though Edmonton has said he'll be going back to Regina for the Fall, he looked good enough to be brought back for next year.

It's too bad the Argo preseason game wasn't broadcast, because I would have liked to have seen how Brannagan has improved. If Toronto has any notion of keeping Lemon, Bell, AND Jyles, he might be in tough. Still, the skill that these quarterbacks have demonstrated really bodes well for the future of the Canadian QB.

well said

Yeah, Sinopoli has a legitimate shot to be on the Stamps active roster. You don't waste a 3rd round pick on a QB, if you don't think he can play, unless you plan to move him to a different position. Hopefully Mueller can gain from his experience and come back strong again next year.

Sinopoli hands down. I am routing for Brannagan, but he just doesn’t have the tools, and the vision down field to make it in the pro game. I really wanted him to succeed, and maybe he will in the future, but he isn’t making this Argos team.

I think with brannigan its about how much time Barker is willing to put into developing him. If he is on the practice roster, thats not a huge financial commitment (around 500 a week during the season). But im not sure if any team is willing to keep a player on a practice roster for two years. I felt both mueller and Sinoppili looked about the same. woulda liked to have seen muller get more snaps, and k.j. get less. but oh well.

with Lancaster being my first favorite QB, it would come full circle if Mueller could become my last.

...two observations on this topic:

a) given the relatively minor role these three have played so far in the season for their respective teams it's too early to answer the original poster's question,
b) I'm awfully gosh-darned happy the question could be asked in the first place!!!

...good luck to all three canadian QBs and their quest for relevance in our league!

Sinopoli- Looked real good,nice throws every time. to bad the TiCats didn't draft him .