who is the best canadian?

Who do you think is:

Best Active Canadian Player:
Most Underated Active Canadian:
Best Retired Canadian Player:

My vote is
Best Active Canadian Player: Jason Clermont
Most Underated Active Canadian: Chris Szarka
Best Retired Canadian Player: Russ Jackson

BEST- Cahoon
Underated- French

beat active player........kevin eiban
most under rated player...kevin eiban
best retired player........russ jackson , dave fennel , ron stuwart ,

H. mentions..........cahoon , clermont , Szarka.

The most under rated team.........TORONTO. :wink:

Best Is Cahoon
Most Underated Is Andre Talbot

My choices for best Canadian

Best active player Jason Clermont, Julian Radlein
Most underrated Eric Lapointe, Julian Radlein
Best retired Michael Soles, Larry Wruck
Most overrated Pat Woodcock

that's good. i like that addition.

larry wruck though, hmmm.

best-Cahoon, under-rated Zarka, best retired-Tony Gabriel

best: Jason Clermont
most underrated; Scott Coe
most overrated: Sanchez
Best all time: Dave Sapunjis (of players I have seen play anyways)

most underrated:sanchez
most overrated:Pat Woodcock

Best: Ben Cahoon and Jason Clearmont
Underated: Scott Coe,Jason French
Overated: Pat Woodcock Davis Sanchez
Retired: Russ Jackson

Chris Szarka and Brent Johnson are also good canadian boys

How is Sanchez overrated

I'll second that!

oops, meant to put sanchez with johnson and szarka in the hounarable mention category

best: Cahoon
most underrated : Eric Lapointe, Jason French
most overrated: Pat Woodcock
retired: Stephen Reid

Isn't Cahoon really born in the U.S.?

Yes he is but he has Canadian status because he went to school here in Canada

Best: Cahoon/Szarka
Underated: Woodcock/clermont

Woodcock underrated..............I don't think so

Yes, Ben Cahoon was born in Utah. I don't remember what it is called, but it's where the Mormons go to prepare for missions (the Mission Training Centre). He also played for BYU, I think...

Clermont underrated? …don’t think so either