Who is the best backup QB in the CFL?

For me, it's DMac, followed by Eakin. Some of it is incomplete, as I was not sure who was the official backup.

Sorry Edmonton :oops:

I thought I had included your team in the poll, but I guess not. Who is going to be Edmonton's backup anyway? Jones? Jyles? Johnson?

Now Edmonton is there. Can you imagine a world without mods? :wink:

(I voted McManus anyways...)

I keep hearing about Crouch's mediocre play in the first preseason game. I think it's pretty hard to judge a guy on only 4 passes.

He didn't throw a pick.....and had a nice 21-yard scamper.

No one is going to agree with that pick...but I think McManus and Crandell have done anything but aged well with time. Kevin Eakin has cannon, but his NFL Europe play left something to be desired from me.

I will go out on a limb and say Nealon will turn his career around for the better. I always thought he did better coming off the bench, and he has the right attitude to make it work.

I would love to see Nealon as the top back-up in the CFL, but McManus is a safe bet.

I'm A Hugh Greene Supporter, I've Been Rooting For Greene Ever Since His Days With Edmonton. And For Anyone Who Doesn't Remember Last Year I Was Very Vocal About Getting Him In Toronto To Take Care Of The Aging Allen Problem.

However I Think An Up And Coming Star Of This League Will Be Eric Crouch. He Reminds Me Of Flutie When He Started, To Small For The nFL, Bounced Around A Few Different Leagues. Unfortunately He'll Be Third String As Long As We Have Wynn In The Picture. Not That I'm Complaining That We Have A Tried Veteran As Our Backup But I'd Rather See The Team Develop The Young Crouch. He Could Become A Very Promissing QB.

Why would you be rooting for Greene from his days with Edmonton? He did nothing here that was more than mediocre except for one game at Taylor Field. The only reason that carries any noteriety is because the guy can't complete a pass and got lucky with some poor tackling that day on the part of the Riders.

Personally I think it's a little early to try and guage who might be the best back up this season. It hasn't even started yet. If you are choosing based on experience and reputation, then I think it's a no brainer. Danny McManus is the obvious choice in that sense.

As the season progresses, then is the time to start evaluating backups. Who knows? Some of the guys mentioned might not even survive camp, let alone see the field.

I would be more curious to see who the posters think was the most capable backup last season because then at least you have something other than your gut base the decision on.


KJ still alive?

Wynn will be BU for Allen

Greene in Mon

Quinn for WPG, though the QB position in WPG isn't strong.

How come Keri Joseph isn't on the list?

I think he's the best backup in the league.

Yah guys why isn't the riders STARTING QB on this poll for the best BACKUP quarterback? But yah i would have to say Danny Mac is tops for being the best back up.

Gotta go with D-Mac. Even if he was a starting QB this year he'd rank in the middle of the pack up against the other starters.

How come Kevin Glenn isn't on the list... He's really only a backup?

cause he will be starter

haha :lol: he's huge backup material, and kerry joseph isn't too far off...

Yah Kerry Joseph isn't too far off.... only rushing for 1000 yards throwing for 4500 (only the third QB in the history of the CFL to accomplish let me remind you) now with a better O-line, an upgrade at receivers i gotta agree with that intelligent post Kerry Joseph deserves to be compared to Nealon Green, Khari Jones and Russ Michna as a backup

Hmmm...Could be all new Rider fans in this forum from last year. But I'd bet the farm that if last year I'd asked who was a better QB, Greene or Joseph, 100% of Riders fans would have said Greene.

I guess it's not skill that elevates a QB to the #1 spot, it's whether or not the QB plays for the Riders that makes them #1.

woah, I sure upset some rider fans...

KJ is obviously better than greene, jones, or michna, but he's still the 2nd worst starting qb in the league IMO(no where near the "elite" qb's of the league). 1000 yards rushing... only reason he was able to achieve that was b/c of poor receivers and rather than taking a sack, just booking it up field. Not that difficult for a qb when you have 150 rush attempts in a season!(next closest qb rush attempts last year was around 80!). I will however give him some credit for amasing 4400 yards last season with his sub-par receivers.

Even with a better o-line, i predict the roughriders offensive scheme(short passes, lots of rushing plays)will have KJ passing for no more yards than last season.

We have a new offensive co-ordinator this year to go along with a new quarterback and additions to the receiving corps. Im thinking with all these changes perhaps our offensive scheme might be a little different than the bland plays we saw time and time again last year

POS	Name	TM	Att 	Comp 	Yards 	% 	TDs 	INTs
QB 	AC	MON	768	507	6421	66.0	38	20	
QB 	RR	EDM	809	543	6175	67.1	27	25	
QB 	DA	TOR	549	352	5082	64.1	33	15	
QB 	HB	CAL	455	276	4532	60.7	23	14	
QB 	KJ	OTT	537	337	4466	62.8	25	23	
QB 	KG	WIN	403	231	3571	57.3	27	17	
QB 	DD	BCL	342	253	3338	74.0	21	5	
QB 	DM	HAM	364	203	2544	55.8	11	18	
QB 	MC	SAS	351	200	2295	57.0	12	11	
QB 	NG	SAS	298	182	1929	61.1	7	8	
QB 	CP	BCL	217	132	1676	60.8	9	6

from CFL Statistics - Stats of the Canadian Football League

Many of us are confused as to how he is second worst

He had 5th most yards passing, 6th best pass percentage, 5th for TDs, he was 2nd in Ints, but then #1 was Ricky Ray, 3 was AC.

This is despite being on Ottawa ( a rather terrible team )

I don't see where he is such a terrible QB.