Who is the best back up quarterback in the CFL

Sinopoli is playing receiver because he wasn't good enough as a QB, he will never go back. I'm sure they will take Glen and a couple of other good back up QBs. Has Willy played regularly? It will be interesting to see if he starts today against Hamilton.

Sinopoli wasn’t good enough as a QB? who said that? Everytime I saw Sinipoli in action, he did a fine job for us. I think BLM is better, but you will notice that whenever we need another back up, Sinipoli gets the call. Glenn went down last night (against the Als), BLM steps in and Sinipoli is the “fourth” QB for the Stamps (because Tate is still a no go).

I think Huffnagel is being smart and finding a way to keep Sinipoli available and in game form through the draft year. Right now Calgary is carrying four QBs … one of them just also plays receiver! I’m just waiting for Sinipoli to get to do some “trick plays” cause the guy has an arm and I bet come playoffs, teams better scheme against him throwing the ball as well … just think we have two QBs on the field anytime he’s out there! how many options does that give us?


danny barrett struggled playing QB at first and became a receiver. He went back to QB and led both argos and stamps to the grey cup.

It is possible.

Your best bet to select a QB next season will be BO LEVI MITCHELL if he is available--

I have a feeling that OTTAWA will end up with DREW TATE as their starter-- I think that CALGARY will protect BO LEVI mitchell and leave GLENN and TATE unprotected--

Collaros is another great option I believe--

But Ottawa will end up with 1 of the 3 good QBS on Calgary-- Tate to me is not a good choice becasue he is INJURY PRONE_ He is a lot like BUCK PIERCE- A guy around 6 feet with a skinny body with no bulk on it- These guys cant take the hits to last-

Another option could be Dan Lefeavour out of Hamilton but I think that MITCHELL is the best young QB who has the CONFIDENCE and the most experience because he has played under a good QB system in CALGARY-

Not because I am an Argo fan first, but I would take Bo Levi and then Zack as number 2.
Either one could be a keeper.

I would only do that if they also signed a free agent with more experience.

McPherson is DONE in the CFL. He can rip up the Arena league all he wants. The CFL/GM and coaches have his number, and I can tell you none of them will be calling him. He can't run a CFL OFF package

Mitchell made a case for himself tonight.

Wow, after tonight my prediction will hold true.
Bo Levi is the man and the Stamps would be stupid not to start him next week.

Drew Tate will be the choice or Kevin Glenn- Bo levi will be the undisputed starter next season-

The NFL will take a look at BO LEVI--

The Texas product who played at KATY high school and SMU and Eastern Washington holds numerous records and state championships--

WHen is the last time you have seen a 23 year old rookie play that good in his first game? This guy has major talent- He looks like a clone of JEFF GARCIA formerly from the Stamps-

HE can run, can read the defense, can throw very accurately- He has poise, toughness- There is not much that BO LEVI cannot do-

How old was Ricky ray when he became the esks' starter and took them to a grey cup appearance? 21? 22?

Drew willy making a case for the job opening in Ottawa.

As of now, yes Willy has entered the Ottawa sweepstakes.
With the Tuesday game to come, I would rate the following.

  1. Bo Levi
  2. Drew
  3. Zach

There is no question the draft for Ottawa will be much better then the last time up and should provide the fans with a competitive team.

If Bo Levi Mitchell is available, we should sign him. The Walter Payton Award recipient looked totally composed against Winnipeg this past weekend. I can't believe the NFL didn't sign this guy. And he can evidently play Canadian football as well...

We have to remember it was only his 1st start and it's not like the team he beat, Winnipeg is the strongest team in the CFL either. He's still the back up to the back up in Calgary. I'd like to see him in against Saskatchewan in two weeks. I think by that time it will be Drew Tate the 1st back up playing that game.

Collaros and Mitchell will be protected for sure-- It is hard to find good YOUNG QBS these days and when you have guys like this you have to protect them- They have played lots of football, are real gamers, so you protect them- BO is 23 and Collaros is 25, so the future is great also--

DREW WILLY will be the ottawa QB as SASK will protect DURANT--- I followed WILLY- He is good also-- He will do well.

Agree with you GG, a veteran QB is on the radar as well; Willy has an upside to him to advance his skills this year with Cortez/Durant to help him get to the next level.The Riders #3 QB Sunseri is my eye watch guy in Regina to succeed.

I said the trick plays could happen and lo and behold, the Stamps try one. I never said they would be successful (although I hope they will be). The best part of Calgary showing that little trick play is now every defensive coordinator in the league has to scheme and prepare for it. Even if they never do it again, you have to be ready for it. One more thing to prepare and practice for!

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My choices would be in this order

  1. Kevin Glenn - Kevin Glenn might lay the occasional egg, but he's got experience and he's always shown consistent improvement in baby steps. If you need a vet, and you can't snag MacPherson he's my second pick.

  2. Bo Levi Mitchell - He's young, he's talented, he shows enormous promise and no offence and I've never found Calgary's receiver corps to good but not great. He's certainly proved himself more then most newer QBs

  3. Buck Pierce - Buck is a solid QB and there is no question about his heart and passion for the game, and lets be honest, he is a starter in this league. The problem is he's damaged goods and Winnipeg knows this season is a write off and they need to start training up a new QB as there is a question mark about how much more punishment Buck can take. I really wish he would consider more of a mentor/coaching role. Despite being a great backup QB, because of his likely high salary and injury issues, I wouldn't expect the RedBlacks to draft him.

  4. Zach Collaros - Pretty much everything Bo Levi has, Collaros has shown to have, and taking him leaves Toronto without a solid backup QB, which given the Red Blacks will be playing the Argos three games next year, is a blow worth making. So why do I rank him bellow Bo? One good performance isn't enough to gauge a player. Heck, even a couple aren't, but he's just not well known enough.

  5. Drew Willy - Willy has played a couple games and has had some good performances, and some adequate performances. His biggest problem though is that Sask. has always had a great group of receivers that simply make their QBs look better then they are. I don't know I'd be as confident with him working with draftees, rookies and pieced together FAs.

  6. Dan LeFevour - LeFevour has a gun for an arm and can run like no one's business. However, he's got the deer in headlights syndrome that Quinton Porter had, where the second he's threatened, he bolts. Unlike Porter though, he doesn't always bolt for a run and knows when to throw it away and not try to make something out of nothing and throw a pick. He's green but shows a lot of promise.

Everyone else, well there's just not enough info to say. I will say though, I would take Adrian MacPherson, the Ex-Alouette backup from the arena league if I could, well before anyone else on this list.