Who is the best back up quarterback in the CFL

Each of the eight teams will only be able to protect one quarterback so that the REDBLACKs can have a decent starting quarterback in their first season. Who is the best back up quarterback in the CFL that will be available or that wont be protected? So far I've seen two that impress me, Zach Collaros in Toronto and Kevin Glenn in Calgary.

I loved Zach Collaros's poise in that game last night, he seems calm under pressure and not afraid to take a hit

Thread already in Ti-Cat forum about who maybe R-Blacks Q.B could be in 2014,personnally I already posted that Colleros might be your best bet.

So far I agree with you on Colleros I cant wait to see more of him in Toronto's games to come. I'll be watching tonight to see what Drew Tate will do for Calgary in Montreal tonight. The only thing with him is that he's been in the CFL for 17 seasons now and is a 35 year old back up. Kind had to build a team around that. I'll look up the Ti-Cat forum too. Thanks.

Actually all Tate will be doing tonight is wearing a ballcap and carrying a clipboard :smiley: The guy you are thinking about is Kevin Glenn :slight_smile: ,not 35 yet and certainly been around but not even close to 17 yrs!!! :slight_smile: .But who knows could very well be the Checkerboards Q.B in 2014!!! cheers to everybody in the capital...see ya all next year :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

It is Kevin Glenn starting tonight I believe he is 35 years old now with 12 seasons in the CFL. He would be 2nd on my list as starting QB My #1 choice right now is Zach Collaros. What other QB's would you say are out there that RedBlack fans should be watching?

Kevin Glenn and Zach Collaros!

just what exactly has this zach done to be held in such high regard?

Glen went into Montreal last night won the game and out played Cavillo

Glenn should be your #1 pick all the way. He's 34 years old and has at least another five years in him. Burris joined the Tiger-Cats at 37 years old, so Glenn will still be solid. Given the way he played last year (10-5 regular season record as a starter) and is playing this year, he deserves to be a starter. He might be a free agent after this season, so Ottawa might just wait for them to come to him.

In terms of backup prospects, Ottawa might go after Zach Collaros, Travis Harris, Drew Willy, Dan LeFevour, or Bo Levi Mitchell. It really depends on contract length and other players available to them. As long as they have Glenn, they can be patient with the development and selection of up-and-comers.

This isn't about quarterbacks, I know, but there is a pretty good RB on montreal's roster not getting much playing time - Jerome Messam. I've got to think he'd be available for Ottawa to take in the draft.

Glenn looked pretty darn good out there. I think you right he looks like he should have another 4 or 5 seasons left in him. He would be a good leader for some of the new kids that will be starting. Calgary might just protect him instead.

If you'd asked the question last year I would have said the best backup in the league is Adrian McPherson.
Somehow....despite being touted as the heir apparent to Anthony Calvillo for 5 years....a series of "nothing games" (meaningless games at the end of the season) seems to have convinced the league McPherson wasn't ready to start.

AD decided he'd rather start than sit...so he went to the Arena league this year.
Where he set a league record for rushing touchdowns to go along with his 59 touchdown passes.

[url=http://www.bradenton.com/2013/07/13/4606547/commentary-adrian-mcpherson-out.html]http://www.bradenton.com/2013/07/13/460 ... n-out.html[/url]

The Redblacks will be hard pressed to find as CFL-ready a quarterback...just itching to compete for a starters spot.
McPherson still has all the tools and I still can't believe he wasn't even considered for a job elsewhere in the league.

There's always a chance he gets invited to an NFL camp or two (provided he heals up)...but if Ottawa gets the chance, they really should take a good hard look at Adrian McPherson.

Hands down, Buck Pierce is the best "back up".

He's always complaining about his "back" when he's "up" after taking a sack. What a wuss.

Thanks for reminding me about this guy... I'll keep an eye out for how he does with his NFL tryouts.

Casey Printers(rumored to be working at a "POPCORN FACTORY") or JaMarcus Russell(working the 24 hr. drive thru at BURGER KING) Are available!!!! :roll: :slight_smile: I hear that both are fantastic q.b.s and with a little persuasion my just leave their current jobs,to sign on with the Checker Boards!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

anyone know if McPherson has previously exhausted his NFL PR eligibility?

Just curious as to whether he would accept a PR spot on the Bears (if offered) in favor of a less lucrative, yet potential starter's position with the RedBlacks.

Just researched it,all I could find was he was drafted in 2005 by the Saints,no mention of dressing for them,or being on their practice roster,far as I know the max out time for p.r. in the nfl is 4 years.So in answer to your question,I would seem he has p.r. eligibility in the nfl.Has been ripping up the "Arena League".But ya never know,chance to be #1 FINALLY!!! The RedBlacks(a.k.a CheckerBoards) if the price is right,might be a very good signing indeed!!

Not sure how AD feels about joining the Bears
But since Trestman spent the last 5 seasons barely allowing him to see the field
except in short-yardage situations...
and garbage time where he was under STRICT orders never to throw the ball
All the while Trestman's saying he's the heir apparent to calvillo
And he NEVER wants him to leave the Alouettes
Well it's time for McPherson to recognise a snow job when he hears one
Or he'll be stuck riding the bench another 5 years
And never get the starters job he so obviously deserves.

AD wants to start
He's made that crystal clear.
Seems he's made for the Redblacks
Unless the Eskimos or the Bombers realize what a horrible, horrible mistake they made
Dissing McPherson when he was available.

So far Reilly's not what the Eskimos had hoped...
And Pierce...well he's exactly what any sane person expected...

it should be a given that ottawa takes a stampeder QB. If not protected, they should also take sinopoli as a receiver. They can always switch him back if they find it advantagious

so far I think willy in the lead for the other QB

Reilly/Nichols just dont have any kind of an offense to work with. Could be a good thing for edmonton if they keep both and get better coaches and or GM next yr.