Who is the best all around RB curently playing in the CFL?

“Blink” Roberts

Kenton Keith is the best one

Roberts definitely…Kenton hot on his heels…Davis rates right up there.

I’m with kaks on this one, Kenton Keith. Roberts is hot on his heels. I think Davis is overrated in spite of his stats. That Calgary running back guy… “what’s his name” is a comer!

All players mentioned so far are worthy, although I agree that Davis is overrated but maybe he will prove me wrong and put similar numbers again this season. I think Josh Ranek and Antonio Warren deserve honorable mention here as well. Where is Michael Jenkins this season or is he still in the league?

The two guys from Calgary are both talented but I think we need to see them perform in more than a couple games before they get listed. Edmonton has several guys in camp that have great credentials including a guy that actually made the team and played for the last 3 seasons in Jacksonville but same goes for them. Every team in the league probably has at least one guy like that in camp.

I would say Warren is the best all around. Kenton Keith is the most exciting and the biggest threat to score from anywhere, but I don’t know if he would be best all around when you consider receiving, blocking and power.

Love Josh Ranek: the Little Ball of Hate!

KK all the way! :mrgreen: :wink: :mrgreen:

Kenton Keith is amazing, and I also think Charles Roberts is a serious workhorse…I have the Peg, but if it wasnt for that guy…they would suck more.

He’s one of Montreal’s 18 backs.

Kenton Keith

It’s gotta be KK…but then again, this is a passing league… 8)

Cast my vote for Kenton Keith, although I like having Antonio Warren in BC

:D kk my green friends we will be proud to hold without a doubt the most electricfying rb this cfl has ever seen he will and i go on record saying so ...will demolish all records standing

Josh Ranek even ottawa only has 1 running play in there playbook or is it 2.
I think the best running back in the league is Actually Eric Lapointe but Don Matthews has no F’N clue how to use him just look at his career average per carry.

Do you guys know what an “all around” running back is?

He’s a guy who carries the ball, catches the ball, and blocks.

He’s a guy who’s on the field for every offensive play, or damn close to it.

Kenton Keith? You gotta be kidding!

KK and Charles Roberts both. Watch Antonio Warren do some serious damage to defences this year, as well.

While I certainly agree that he is best current “runner”, I’m not sure that he is the most electrifying back the league has ever seen and will smash all records. This league has seen a number of great backs, one I mentioned about a month ago that never got the chance to smash records as he actually stuck in the NFL and never came back. I am interested to see if Keith will end there as well.