Who is that new Buffalo Bill?

Based on what?

Eakins gone!

He wanted out and was granted his wish.

We’ll never know what we had until he retires after a couple of years of NFL Europe or comes back to the CFL to replace Calvillo.

Good luck to him, however, ‘more’ good luck to Maas in 2007.

Agreed, :thup:

Eakins must have a VERY good agent.

Very nice guy, no doubt about it.

He had 1 good game in his 8-10 starts.
His 1st start.
I guess he kept the film from his first start and sent it to the Bills.

Actually 3 starts.

I believe 1 in 2005 in which he looked "promising".

After coming in 2nd in the QB challenge he was relegated to be #2 after that "Great Trade...or non-trade" for Maas. :roll:

He didn't get much of a chance to develope in 2006 with 2 starts and some relief work in which the guy who "walks on water" couldn't have done much better what with our OC, coaching, and the porous O-line and dropsies by our receivers. It was a team effort last year, alright! :roll: :wink:

Obviously the NFL scouts must feel he has talent and skill and he will get the chance to develope in NFL Europe. He is only what...26? He will be going to Buffalo Bills TC and will compete to land a job. He will make at least 3 times the money there.

I hope he has sucess in NFL Europe and stays healthy! If it doesn't work out for him, it won't be for lack of trying but look around a little bit....how many QB's are there out of all the QB's that get to play in the NFL.

Face facts people...the best play in the NFL for the Big Money! I'm not belittling our league by saying that...but the reality is that we only get the cast-offs! Those with the most talent play in the NFL.

I wish Kevin Eakin well. :thup: :thup:

You would think that being a "nice guy" is a viable statistic when picking players around here. Since when is football "nice"? Half of these nice-guy supporters were jumping all over Montford when he left, even though he was one of the nicest players to ever wear a ti-cat uniform. The big difference though, between him and the new crop of nice-guys is that he was also an impact player and a starter!!

nice guy + no contribution + questionable ability = fan favourite. :roll:

in his first career CFL start, a 40-32 victory over Ottawa on October 21st, Eakin was absolutely electrifying, completing 17 of his 29 pass attempts for 407 yards and three touchdowns...in the victory over the Renegades he completed touchdown passes of 80, 78 and three yards.

Started 3 games to end the 2005 season

Not sure how many he started in 2006 but here is his line:
EAKIN, K HAM 88 38 43.2% 461yds 2TD 9INT 24.9 QB rating

How about pure skill. Let me guess he plays 2 games which are bad, so the guy becomes a has been. Look at his stats if he was so terrible why was he brought in here.

Maas play s injured all year and you probably stood behind him.

He wanted to play trust me I have talked to the guy and this is the first time he had to sit and let someone else start ahead of him who was JUST as bad.

I second that Woody.
What we had to work with was the issue R.L. hand in the pot


With supporters like this.. who needs nay sayers!!

First and foremost, congratulations Kevin on your recent marriage. Have many happy years together.

As for football, I hope you have great success, whether in Buffalo or in Frankfurt. And if you find your way back to the CFL sometime, I hope it's in Hamilton.

Best of luck on and off the field.

Can't say I am SURPRISED by this recent development.

To the naysayers ... you people couldn't RECOGNIZE TALENT if it slapped you upside the head and shouted in your ear ...

ANYBODY who watched him play, and KNOWS what to LOOK FOR - could see the MAN HAS SKILLS !

Like I said earlier, it was just BAD TIMING that brought Kevin in to the Tiger Cat lair ... it is really TOO BAD 'cuz I think the CURRENT Coaching Staff could have DEVELOPED Kevin into a GREAT CFL QB.

As always, I wish Kevin good luck and look forward to watching his CAREER progress.


:thup: :thup: :thup:


:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:
:thup: Good for Eakin he deserves better then working for a penny pinching GM the Bills and NFL Europe I am happy for him.
(Meanstreak) Like I said earlier, it was just BAD TIMING that brought Kevin in to the Tiger Cat lair ... it is really TOO BAD 'cuz I think the CURRENT Coaching Staff could have DEVELOPED Kevin into a GREAT CFL QB.
Agreed! Lets not forget the lack of talent, particularly in the area of coaching and play calling last season. Our QBs had to play with one hand tied behind their backs. It was tough, given this scenerio, to make any QB look good. Eakin has talent and I hope he makes it in NFL Europe or the NFL. Better still, I'd be happy to see him return to Hamilton and get some REAL coaching. (Of course, this isn't about to happen.)