Who is that new Buffalo Bill?

Remember the guy that wanted to be released from his Hamilton concract, so he could go play in NFL Europe? Remember the guy that felt he needed to go work hard and become a better football player? Remember the guy that felt he was not improving under this system? Remember the guy that was willing to take a chance and become a free agent and go to NFL Europe and show them what he could do? Remember that guy?? Well, I understand that Kevin Eakin has been signed to an NFL Europe contract that will allocate him as a Buffalo Bill to NFL Europe and give Kevin the opportunity to join the Buffalo Bills training camp this summer and vie for a spot on the opening day roster. It sounds like he made a pretty good decision in asking for his release and getting to go play some football!! Boxer

I wish him well and expect him to present a positive showing. I know I am biased toward this kid, but I have a feeling that he will step up to the plate and really take advantage of this opportunity. I don't think the Bills will be sorry they made this transaction.

Thanks for the update...but I'm not surprised. I felt that Kevin is a real good QB and he was destined to improve his situation. Good Luck to him and we hope he gets his chance to play!

Keep us updated.

By the way, Kevin got married since leaving Hamilton! Congratulations are in order. :thup: :thup:

Yep one nice guys out there unlike #11
it nice to see this nice guy will get his due.

Who cares! Its gonna be just like last season at least we know he can ride the pine!

I won't name any names, but ... well, for the last two posters on this thread ... do you read every thread with the goal of insulting a current or former player on the team you cheer for?

You could tell he was a good QB from the masterful displays he put on for us last season ?? Your in the wrong business then arent you ?? You should be in the Ticats front office !!!!!

Personally, I don't think he'll make it. But cI still wish him well. He should be proud to even to get a shot. It's more than a lot of other guys have accomplished. Also, congrats on getting married.

Atta boy Kev, Could happen to a better guy...honestly. I've never even heard him use a curse word. He can play, NOBODY looked good last year on offence amidst what went on. I think he'll do just fine, and I wish him the best.


He looked TERRIBLE and if they think HE can play in the NFL then why are Dickenson , Calvillo, ect still playing up here ???

I think some people should give thier head a shake !!!!

Eakin's time at QB of Hamilton last year reminded me of Don MacPherson. Yes, he was that bad.

If Eakin eventually makes it even as the 4th-string QB of the Bills, every single Player Personnel guy Buffalo employs should be fired. Why? They are obviously not finding talent good enough to compete at a high level.

But Eakin does have incredible skills. Just ask Western Head Coach Greg Marshall. He's a great evaluator of pro talent.

Hey it`s not Gregs fault he didnt have any other players to pick from and his OC was brutal !!!

:roll: ....nice guys finish last. Eakin will not make the Bills roster.

So much for his wish to come back to Hamilton. Good riddance. Have fun being a tackling dummy for the D-line in Buffalo, Kevin.

BTW - congratulations on your marriage. May you have many happy years together.

I know I had something really intelligent and profound to say.....but I lost my train of thought and forgot what it was.... :?

....so I'll just take this opportunity to say Hi and wish everyone a wonderful weekend....

(oh yeah, I just remembered one part.....Good Luck to Eakin!)

BTW.....I enjoy reading some of your posts when I get a chance....you guys are hilarious! :stuck_out_tongue:

Bye for now.... :cowboy:

according to you habman nothing is gregs fault. he did a masterful job. lol

I know what the Bills will do. Eakin will develop great and become the Bills starter in a few years and do well and then Ralph Wilson will do his "I don't like him" like he did with Flutie and sign some Johnson like qb to replace him and let the circle continue in Buffalo. Sounds like a plan there eh Ralph. :lol:

Couldn't have said it better myself. He's a great guy and I wish him all the best. We had a lot of talented players on offence last year, but it just didn't go well for any of them. I think Kevin will be fine and I look forward to watching his career take off.


He was signed yesterday. I love all of you nay sayers he sucks. Kevin is and always will be a better QB than Maas.

All the best to him and his family

LOL Why is this thread even on the ticats website anyways? He's a Buffalo Bill now! I didn't cheer for Tom Clements when he was traded to Winnipeg and didn't cheer for Morreale or Montford when they went to T.O. I think we have to many people who shed a tear for those who we have lost, how about cheering for those we gain? Cheer for the logo on the helmet not the name on the jersey. Just my opinion though.