Who is StephenMandel and why is he everyone's hero?

He seems to be a breath of fresh air an Al's fan with teeth or could he be from that great city to the south. HMMMM! All I know is he is giving Eskie fans the gears! The Evil Empire will die a slow defeat this weekend. Their coach is again starting the wrong guy. What does Maas have to do to open up Woody's eyes? Chip boy has seen his day!

clearly 'he' is your altered ego, or you wouldn't be asking us to give 'him' so much attention....

you make a thread sayin you will get rid of 'one-time posters', then beg us to pay attention to this one....even calling him 'HERO'..after only one post....

you had lots of anger toward the Eskies for outting your team, so made an altered ego to vent your frustations, without looking bad yourself....sad, really.

I think you are on to something! LOL

Gentleman I would read over the posts I saud nothing of the sort. Redandwhite posted this not me. But you have to say he is socking it to them! Am I bitter no we had a great season and well I hope the Al's win. AGain DG I suggest you read the posts my friend.

either way...we know its you....so u can stop mascarading as two people now.

DG I think you are right only redandwhite would go fishing like this!
Well DG you were wrong the guys is from Laval!




.....maybe it can be done but I'm honestly telling you I woouldn't know how, can two guys who clearly live in Calgary be posting through an IP server in Laval PQ?.......I think not........

ha ha ha ha

There is definately some entertainment value in his posts , ya I got a snicker out of them . Considering all the dimwit Eskie posters on here recently , it's nice to see someone give em more than they can handle. And he's definately winning the battle. :lol:


I am just letting you know what will happen this weekend. The Alouettes are winning the Grey Cup. There is no sense in denying it. You can't avoid it. They are THE TEAM. They are taking the cup at Edmonton's expense. Be sure to come to Montreal's Grey Cup parade next week