Who is starting at QB for Argos at BC?

Maybe, i missed it. But has there been any word on who the Argos will start at QB at BC on Sat nite?

We will have to see if any news comes out of Argo land today. I believe the rules have changed this year where teams don’t have to announce their rosters the day before.
Maybe trade talks are still on going. Even if they don’t trade MBT or Franklin before game time Saturday, would they want to risk injury to one of them which would scuttle any trade talks.

Geez. So i wonder who has been taking 1st team reps in practice

It’s Franklin:


So maybe this means that MBT is close to being moved and they don’t want him to get injured, or maybe it mean nothing at all.

We keep focusing on the two Argo QB’s as possible trade bait, but I wonder if there are some other veterans on the team who might be moving to one of the playoff teams.
Calgary could use another receiver with some of their guys injured.

I dont think the Argos will have a complete firesale. Especially their top end skill position guys.
Macbeth has been on display most of the season.
So Franklin starting the last two weeks they are putting him on display.
The Trade Deadline is less than a week away.
& More than one team is in need of a backup QB.
As those same teams are still in GC winning potential.

MBT is suppose to be taking the 1st team reps this week according to Frank Zicarelli of the TO Sun. :-\

Indeed he is. The Argos wanted to put Franklin on display before the trade deadline.
He was so bad that no one wanted him.
Bombers asked for Collaros. Argos countered with Franklin.
Bombers got Collaros.

Some “display”.


Exactly! Lol