Who is running this team

I have asked this question before. Who is calling these stupid plays. I do not mind seeing my team lose a well fought game, but this is not acceptable.
After we have made Sask a top team with the cast offs from here, we are left with either not much, or the coaches havent the fogiest idea what they are doing.
As I always say this has nothing to do with the owner who has put his money out there. However I do question how many of those in the control, general manager,coach, assistance, football operations and scouts about there knowledge of football. I have watched the bone head plays being called and then they arent even executed properly. I do realize there are a lot of new faces in camp, but there are very few I would call excellent choices as ball players. Just maybe Charlie isnt the great coach we all thought he was, After all he did inherit a pretty good team when he went to Montreal.But the kicker for me was the last guy sent to Sask. Loosing Holmes reminded me of when Hamilton got rid of Tony Gabriel to Ottawa, and I stayed away from football for 10 years. Well lots of luch trying to make the playoffs this year. Another thing Hamilton use to do was have these NFL cuts up here in a hurry when they were needed, and I would say they are needed.