who is running things here anyhow

I don't know if it is mrx, or some clown at the cfl office, but they sure do a lousy job up running this site re info, stats, etc.

If you go down to near the bottom of the page, you see where you click on player awards for the week. There is also a button for ALL WINNERS. Now, what should be there is every winner from this year so far. Instead, it is just previous years winners.

Maybe I am missing something, but I cant seem to find a list of every weeks winners for this season on the cfl.ca site.

Don't know if it's fixed now, but when I attempted to get the season stats for the RedBlacks, the link provide dMontreal's instead.

Little things like that are annoying, indeed.

Rod Black I believe...

I'm sure you've already sent your feedback to league on this, but in case you haven't, here's the link.


On the page, it says, "For any issues related to the website including errors, broken links or other website related issues please send your comments to: CFL Feedback: Website." That would be the second comment section down.

Without those comments, typos, errors, and omissions won't ever be noticed by the league. And they don't come here to find out about them either.

I have found over the last 15 years that it is a pretty pointless thing to do. I gave up

I am.

You don’t like the way I am doing things?

not doing would be more like it 8)

The weird thing is that the league is awash in interns. Sounds like a great project for one (or all) of them to undertake. The numerous mistakes on this site are embarrassing.