Who is replacing Coach Sal as the CHML commentator?

8) You call Russ Jackson elderly now !!!! Well, that elderly man is still in a lot better physical shape than most men half his age !!! He looks like he could still play even today !!

No, Russ did not pull the plug on his broadcasting career and put himself out to pasture at all. He was replaced when the new ownership decided to go with a younger broadcast crew !!! It was not his decision at all !!!

Amid the arrousing excitement, I stand corrected.

Budget cuts got him.

I have heard from a pretty good source that it is going to be Neal Lumsden. It is suppose to be announced soon! This could get real interesting if Jesse comes back to Hamilton to play?!

Russ did pull the plug on his own career, Tipper.

It happened in the Grant/Mc Donald era when he was told
that he wouldn't be used on the road broadcasts.

Russ told them it wouldn't be worth it
to do 1/2 the games [and get 1/2 the pay]

since he would still want to do the same thorough preparation
that he always did, viewing Training Camp, researching,
and going to most of the practices all season long.


Bob Bratina left for the reasons you spoke of, Tipper
but that occured in the 1st year of Bob Youngs regime.

You completely jogged my memory. Thank you.

I used to like the tandem of Bratina and Michaluk although it's was some time ago and my memory of them may be a little clouded.

Yes, from what I heard , He was asked to do home games only while other ??cheaper?? "local" guests (Mile Gorrell comes to mind for the Winnipeg game and later in Sask) got to colour commentate on Bob Bratina's side. Please correct me if I'm wrong.