Who Is Really The Greatest?

Does he have 137 TDs? Nope.

Milt isnt the best anymore. There are better receivers. Milt was the best, but not anymore. He's getting older and isnt in his prime.

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He is by far the greatest!

Milt can't be great he has never played in a green uniform! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

...true my son....only BluenGold ....only BluenGold.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Good point larry, the fact he has managed to accomplish this record while playing on some of the worst Bomber teams in the franchise history, only emphasizes how special the man really is. I should never doubt your intentions larry, my apoligizes to all the asses out there for comparing them to you.

Not to worry, jacka.ss. Your blue glasses impede the limited intelligence you already have, so I forgive you for making such poor leaps of logic. As I said, it is just a crying shame that Milt's career will be wasted on the blue bummers, and he'll go down in history as one of the greatest players to never win a single Grey Cup. There's several teams in the league that he could have won multiple Grey Cups with in that period of time. It's just a shame.

Hey what about me piggy! Larry can not get all the credit!

Well you never know he may make a good coach down the road and get his ring.

No, he IS the greatest receiver of all time, no doubt in my mind. Im saying though that right now, because Milt is past his prime there are better receivers out there right now. Like Geroy Simon.

Seriously - enough with the name calling.

...yeah you boneheads, listen to ginger...

ok, while I like stegall, and while he may be the best in the league today, the TD record does not make him the best ever. He is not even close to Fernandez or Pitts (whom I never really did like), just to name a couple.

I'm a Bomber fan, but big George was hit everyplay, sucked it up and ran into history.

This was a no-brainer. George of course was the best of these 3.

Ya Milt is the greatest player on and off the feild you cant compare 2 running backs to a slotback because i am pretty sure half of mike pringles tds were just 1 yard dives and george reed too, the thing is milt had to catch most of his passes in double coverage

Are you 11 years old?

George Reed and Mike Pringle had to run through people and get hit - hard, to get their TDs. Milts were 10x easier as far as that goes...

trying to compare the accomplishments of runingback to receivers is pointless.

Its like saying that this dancer is better than that painter

jman u r the most biased person on the planet, ok then i think charels roberts is the greatest player because he has alot of TDs he is about 5'6, he is the smallest player on the feild taking the biggest hits and he hasnt missed 1 game for a long time

How is what I said biased? I like Milt Stegall. Im pretty sure you are like 12 years old..