Who Is Really The Greatest?

to truly find out the greatest CFL TD machine, one would have to be able to find the stats that showed how many TDs in how many games, for every one who played over a certain number of games. Like maybe 90.

Thanks to the uselessness of CFL Administrators, this info is not so easy to find.

which is a slightly abreviated version of the CFL page that I linked to.

note that neither one has the yr by yr complete stats that you can find for players in most other leagues, specially the active ones.

The Greatest what? He certainly isn't the greatest player in the CFL. There's probably a dozen players or more who are greater than him. There are several receivers in the league now who are better than Stegall ever was. He might be considered one of the greatest receivers in CFL history through his longevity, but this league has had many great receivers in the past. Even the Bombers have probably had better receivers in their history.

Just because somebody gets the most TD's, doesn't make him the greatest. Should Ron Lancaster been considered the greatest QB when he had the league record for most yardage for decades? Should Damon Allen now?? Is the greatest scorer in CFL history, Lui Passaglia, the greatest player??

No. The greatest player in CFL history is Doug Flutie. Anybody could see that. We had a vote on it and he won by a mile.

Milt Stegall is a great receiver and will likely set a league record for passing td's. Greatest ever? I don't think so.

you failed to note that he specifically asked for greatest TD scoring machine . Flutie, my all time fav player from both leagues, just doesnt qualify. Neither does Lui

oh...ok then, Stegall is the Greatest of All Time!!

But talk about TD machines, Flutie passed for 264 td's and rushed for 48 more in his 8 yr CFL career...

Regardless of whether you are discrediting him or not, you are still an ass.

Cam Wake

doesnt look all that awake to me :slight_smile:

And you are a pathetic twit with no life, if you think I care. At the end of the day, you know I'm right.

Name calling = locking down…consider all parties forewarned…grow-up time, people…

You have no idea how emotionally traumatizing it is to me when you lock down a thread. For the love of GOD, have some mercy. Be kind, not cruel. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

What another lock down. Larry you have had more lock downs the Huntsville Pen in Texas!

See larry, we all know you're traumatized....no need to bring it up on your own.....

My vote is for Ibrahim Khan

Yes, jm02, but you know how much it negatively impacts my life when you lock down a thread. It just totally devastates me. Sometimes, I am in awe of the power you have to lock down a thread, as this is such an in credibly important power, that I would like to see it used for good; not evil. Please, have mercy when thinking about locking down a thread in the future. It completely ruins my day. If not my week. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Good One.

so can you please tell me which recievers you think are better than Stegall right now?

And I'm sorry,but our best reciever is the best to play the game, and his name is Milt

Wow, that post by Invader just pissed me off. Complete disrespect for THE BEST RECEIVER EVER TO PLAY IN THE CFL!!!!!

He does bring up a valid point though, stats don't always tell the whole story. I wouldn't consider Damon the best Quarterback in the history of the CFL because he's got the most passing yards.

I still think Stegall is one of the best though :slight_smile:

Where is Rob Cote's name in this poll?